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I think most people are conservative. They just don’t know it yet.   Though the hard truth is that when voters have no political affiliation, they default to the...
It's all in the exposure.

I think most people are conservative.
They just don’t know it yet.


Though the hard truth is that when voters have no political affiliation, they default to the left.

Why, you ask?  Because the left is the party of compassion and tolerance, right?  Ok, so we all know that’s not entirely true.   What is true is that they’re perceived to be the party of tolerance and compassion; and quite frankly, brand-image tends to matter at the voting booth.

Don’t believe me?

Why do people shop at Walmart?  Is it because of their famously liberal customer-appearance policies?  Maybe because it’s the last chain store that a mullet will fit in? Well, yes.  Though that’s not why.  It’s price.

Walmart has an incredible price image.  Target, on the other hand, has an image that tries to make you think that it’s Walmart’s wealthier cousin.  So-much so that a lot of people jokingly refer to Target as “Targé”.  Are the two really any different though?  You’re less likely to be assaulted in Target; but in terms of price, they are very comparable.  Speaking in terms of product selection, they’re nearly identical.

It's all in the exposure.

It’s all in the exposure.

That brings us to our own brand problem

Let’s face it folks, we need to change our brand-image.  We’re not going to accomplish that through the mainstream media.

Right-wing new outlets like Fox News may be your tried-and-true source for balanced news; but everyone else in the political spectrum sees them as one sided and divisive.  Sure, brave conservatives like Milo Yiannopoulos are putting themselves out there and changing perception.  Though how many non-conservatives are going to find him if they’re not looking?  I would venture to say not many.

Conservative principals align with nearly every American’s core values

If we’re going to change the disastrous course that this country is on, we need to take a more grassroots approach to changing minds.
I’ve used opportunities at dinners, grocery store outings, and even in oh-so-dreaded work conversations to express conservative ideas.

Every chance I’ve had to express these ideas, I take.

Ideas like: personal responsibility, a limited government, free markets, individual liberty, a strong national defense, and self-empowerment.  You know, tradition American values.  There have been a few times that I’ve changed the perception of someone who had otherwise thought poorly of conservatism.

Cold hard statistics and facts won’t change minds either

Leave the true debating to Ben Shapiro and Ann Coulter.  Chances are, you’re going to fuck up the numbers anyway.  Left leaning Americans aren’t compelled by numbers, they’re moved by emotion.

Want to try to change a liberal mind?  Appeal to their heart, not their brain.  Try humanizing your debate.

You’ll get much further that way.

Whispered conversations in offices and quiet corners will not further our cause.  It’s time to come out of the closet and be proud, boys!

Submitted by @ProudBoyJim

Jim is a father of two from New Jersey, USA.  He is a former police officer and currently works in the corporate world.  Jim has recently been made a Vice President for a privately-owned company, but he has also worked for several large publicly-traded companies in varying executive-level positions.  He is an NRA life member and an avid shooter.  You can reach Jim at: [email protected] or ProudBoyJim on Twitter.



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