Why Blame Dad When Mom Killed the Kids?

  A friend of mine posted something on Facebook, with good intentions I’m sure, but as I read the article she linked to spread her message, I wanted to...


A friend of mine posted something on Facebook, with good intentions I’m sure, but as I read the article she linked to spread her message, I wanted to kick her in the stomach – which sucks, because I don’t take pleasure in kicking my friends in the stomach.  That being said, I was sucked into reading her linked message when I saw a dad being blamed for his wife’s crime. It’s always our husband’s faults when we, women, murder children.


How do you think that article would have read if the dad was the one charged with murdering his own kids, but his wife was being blamed for it? So much for equality


That article wouldn’t, doesn’t and will never fucking exist.


So, I made the glorious mistake of responding to the post. I don’t know… maybe I like drama like a stereotypical woman or maybe reading the bashing of another dad had me burning with fury – this shit never gets called out. So alone in this – I called it out.


I mean, the bitch killed 5 kids she gave birth to! The husband knew she was depressed, not psychotic! So things only really got heated on my end in the comments and no, I didn’t admit to being wretched and sleep deprived with my first, and talk how I can in some way actually relate. This wasn’t about me – I was there to defend dad.




In all reality, the linked article is actually pretty harmless but with a “click bait” male bashing for no real good reason title. Sex sells to men. Yes sex sells to men, and that’s why you guys are going to finish this article.


Drama sells to women, emotions sell to women, and yes sex also sells to women.


Sadly, but honestly, my gut reaction when I read that title, which encouraged me to watch the tragic 4-minute video recapping a horrible scene that occurred 15 years ago, was wanting to know what that heinous scum father did to his wife to drive her to kill her kids.


He didn’t abuse her, he didn’t molest the kids – he didn’t do anything.


Apparently, that was exactly the crime implied in the title. Some commentators suggest he was cause of the children’s death because he was negligent.


Fucking excuse me?


No. Sorry, as I mentioned in the captured screenshot; if a man killed 5 of his kids and his wife wasn’t home, his wife wouldn’t be the one to be blamed. Our society has our women’s heads screwed on backwards so much that even as a woman who defends men I can get sucked into believing that penis is all out evil and vagina is holy and I had to find out what this shit bag dad did.


Regardless, postpartum depression is fucking real and it sucks – but a man cannot be blamed for a psychotic woman’s actions.



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