Use Bio-Culturist Techniques to Increase Western Pride Now!

Get on your feet and cheer! Pride is popular again! And it feels great! Western Art! Western History! We love it! But, cultural pride is not just fun, games...

Get on your feet and cheer! Pride is popular again! And it feels great! Western Art! Western History! We love it!

But, cultural pride is not just fun, games and taunts: Pride = survival.

In evolution, if a propensity gives you an edge, it spreads. The fact that all cultures, universally, have worked to inculcate cultural pride, (practiced culturism), and the ease with which it happens, both show how central to survival cultural pride is.

We are biologically programmed to absorb the culture we’re born into: its language, loyalties, identity, values, ontology, etc. These innate programs are why people quickly and reliably believe their culture’s crazy, crazy shi-ite.

Evolution makes no universal features that do not contribute to survival.

Therefore, the suite of instinctive programs with which we absorb our culture must contribute to survival. As culturists, to promote, guide and protect our culture, we must understand these cultural uptake programs.

Black Lives Matters rides on a story: blacks are historically oppressed and the racist police are continuing that tradition. And, note how powerful our predisposition to believe is. Facts don’t matter! In fact, when given information that contradicts our stories, research shows we harden our positions. Rather than facts, the emotions of resentment and hope inspire the BLM movement. Rather than arguments, feelings promote narratives. Rather than facts, we must fight those who compromise our narrative, such as BLM, with emotionally loaded counter-narratives.

Anthropologists tell us that tribal folk engaged in constant warfare.

This would have presented tons of evolutionary pressure to distinguish groups; religion evolved in this context. If tribe ‘A’ is united in faith and tribe ‘B’ is skeptical of their group’s value, ‘A’ will have a survival edge: it’s programming will spread. And, constant warfare kills early. So, the cultural identity programming must be instilled quickly, at least by fighting age. This contributes, I believe, to youths’ susceptibility to moralistic, fervent political movements. Children naturally pick on all who do not conform. Our cultural narrative and ways must be instilled early in life.

Obviously, language is one big component of culture.

We, predictably and unconsciously, upload our culture’s language. As they do for birds, accents evolved to help us differentiate groups. This tells us that linguistic assimilation is natural and adaptive. And, as slang testifies, languages mutate very quickly. Dunbar has convincingly shown that language originated to enable us to form larger groups. It is not a coincidence that language standardization has been central to the creation of states. We need to perpetuate standardized versions of our language to survive as nations. To qualify as citizens, immigrants must learn the nation’s language.

Language rides on and meshes with our social emotions. In evolution, those who liked being alone were killed and made no babies; while those who stayed close to their group lived and reproduced. As a result, we are programmed to not like being alone. Outrage and resentment are social tools. We must not aim those emotions at ourselves. Fans of victorious sports teams, upon conquest, get more testosterone and walk taller – they have pride. We cannot allow multicultural resentment to undermine our feelings of pride. We are winners, they are losers. We must use pride, rage and the other universal pre-linguistic emotions to bind us to our group.

As with all mammals, when humans identify an enemy a suite of emotions gets stimulated.

So let’s be clear about the enemy we are taunting: Cultural Marxists know that multiculturalism undermines our nation. Their current pawn minions – the majority university Left, nearly all western political parties, much of the media and Black Lives Matter – are largely unconscious, faint echoes of the cultural Marxists’ now obscure plot. The Cultural Marxist narrative calls the West racist, sexist, homophobic, colonial, exploitative, and uniquely pathologically authoritarian. And, it was insightful of them to try to undermine us by destroying pride in our narrative. But, we must remember that Cultural Marxists are not just people concerned about fairness, they are enemies of the West.

Morality predates humans. Microscopic organisms have been shown to punish cheaters. Chimps get angry if they get cucumbers while others get grapes. Universal innate emotions, such as shame, anger, resentment, pride, guide morality. Yet the behaviors, values and symbols to which these emotions are attached are culturally specific. Morality is so flexible that even killing police and suicide jihad can lead to approbation and pride. We must be clear about what we esteem and what we denigrate. Our laws must not subsidize western-defined immorality. And, we must publically reward and laud heroic behavior. While the emotions that guide morality are innate, we must consciously choose the western values to which we attach them.

Humans brains are not fully formed until at least 18 years of age.

During those years we download culture. Thus our brains’ painfully slow growth rate verifies the biological imperative to instill culture. It also puts intelligence front-and-center in our identity as humans. But, again, rather than pure intelligence, culture has selected for simple rules (heuristics) aimed at fostering loyalty to pre-existing ideals. Thus there is a tension between evolutions’ goal of quickly inculcating via culture and free thought. Islam’s power comes from promoting clannish, violent cultural ideals without question. We cannot compete with their crudeness. Our advantage must come from erring on the ‘independent thought and inquiry’ end of the spectrum.

Western culture’s roots are in Athens and Jerusalem. Athens brings us secular scientific truths and Jerusalem, Christianity. Both prize the mind over the body and so provide excellent bases for esteeming intelligence. But, while many decry our loss of religion as a moral anchor, few have noted the threats stemming from our denouncing biology. Biology says men sticking around after impregnating women is crucial to offspring success: this means it is central to our society’s success. Herein biology provides morality. And, acknowledging natural sex differences, we can also stop multiculturalists from shaming us when fewer women become physicists. We need to take pride in scientists and the behavior that supports disciplined scientific inquiry. Pride in our inventions gives the West a competitive edge and can reinforce our morality.

Not only must we reconcile with science, we must reconnect with Christianity.

The first culturist, Matthew Arnold, (1822-1888), understood that science would erode Christian faith. He therefore argued that we should secularly celebrate the Bible as literature that has been central to the West’s survival. Even as literature, Arnold told us, the Bible is a great source of moral lessons. If secular Western people do not practice religion, they should be encouraged to respect Christianity. The Protestant promotion of individual self-scrutiny and individual souls were vital to the West’s creation of democracy and science. It will be a great sign for the West, when our churches are full Sundays.

Islam is poised to wipe out the West. And, this is a clash of competing stories – binding memes. Again, we must not underestimate the extent to which stories determines outcomes. Stories, and the ancillary emotions drive people to martyrdom. And, it is no coincidence that the peak of the British Empire coincided with the British sense of mission to spread their cutting edge, advanced, superior values. It is also no coincidence that multiculturalism – and the resentment it implies – has ascended as the West has declined. We must remember, that our zealous secular Christianity is far superior to Islamic mental slavery. Christian and biological morality overlap. Islam degrades man mentally.

We are starting to understand the mechanisms by which people are best bonded to their culture.

First you need a story: no Christianity, no West; no Muhammad, no Islam. But then singing, moving together and public declarations of fealty all foster belonging. This is why all successful religions have used them. Biocultural researchers have found other mechanisms also support inculcation. As advertisers tell us, we follow alpha males and are biased to do what the majority of our peers do. It would be great to have a President and celebrities go to church. But, ultimately, we need Western crowds themselves to publically celebrate the West with synchronized movements and song.

At its heart, culturism promotes governmental discrimination: discrimination in favor of the West and our western national cultures. As cultures do universally and always, our schools must celebrate our side of stories and achievements. From electricity, to planes, to the internet, the wonderful West invented nearly every modern invention. In fact, we even invented systemically guided rational thought itself. And, our schools should immunize us from shame: Only the West warred so against slavery. Human rights were invented by the West. By way of contrast, other nations have traditionally been and still are largely barbaric. Our land’s schools must distinctly promote and celebrate our unique western heritage.

And as with schools, our government must not be culturally neutral.

We must have public celebrations of our national accomplishments, history, ethos and victories. Engaging in such celebrations will provide work for artists in every medium. But, we must not, then, spend money on promoting foreign holidays such as Cinco de Mayo and Eid Al-Fitr. The US is not Mexico; the West is not Muslim. We should have immigration laws that favor Christian westerners who speak our language. We must ban Sharia law. These discriminatory measures will result in a more cohesive West. But even prior to their implementation, their very discriminatory nature itself will reinforce the fact that the West has a specific culture. Thus it will have preemptively destroyed the multiculturalists.

All the above may sound akin to propaganda. If we consider instilling cultural pride, ‘propaganda,’ then yes, it is. But instilling cultural pride is natural. Humans’ long childhood bespeaks our being designed for such cultural absorption. And, so it is not a question of ‘if’ a culture will be provided, but ‘who’ will provide it and ‘how effective will they be?’ We have currently ceded narrative guidance to anti-Western, multicultural, cultural Marxist. And, while mandating participation in public displays of fealty to the West would violate our values, it is our natural duty to provide and promote a pro-Western narrative.

Just remember, when you promote the West you promote man’s potential and his freedom.


John K. Press, Ph.D., teaches at a university in South Korea. He is the author of the

book, Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future. More information can be found at

He tweets at @culturist


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