University of Minnesota Fires Coach Who Defended Rape Hoax Victims

US Universities are incentivized to perpetuate rape hoaxes. Innocent lives are being ruined.

Well folks, it’s 2017 and rape hoax culture is alive and well.

The University of Minnesota fired its football coach Tracy Claeys, after he tweeted his support for his football players. The team were protesting the University’s suspension of 10 Golden Gopher football players for various make-believe offenses such as “Sexual Misconduct”, “Violation of University Rules” and “Harm to Person”.

This all comes after an investigation from the University’s “Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action”, which released an 81 page report describing – in graphic detail – the accounts of one INCREDIBLY SLUTTY WOMAN.

Tweet sent by Coach Claeys

The report reads like a porno, but let me sum it up for you as tamely as possible.

After a night of drinking and partying, the female “victim” goes to an apartment where many football players were socializing at around 2AM. At roughly 3AM, she is on the couch flirting with a football player and a high school kid on a recruiting trip.   She flirts with them both and decides to go up to the bedroom of the one that lives in the apartment.

She then has sex with both of them, and by 5AM she’d had sex with up to 20 other people – although she can’t be sure because some of them came back and forth.  Soon enough, there was a crowd at the door with cameras.

The 10 Suspended UM Football Players.

The next day, realizing she was the biggest whore on earth, she decided that her sexual activity the night before was AGAINST her will, and that she must have been another victim of those evil football jocks.  She reported her “rape” to the police who promptly investigated the incident.

Upon viewing the video evidence the Minneapolis Police concluded:

“her coordination is normal and she is not slurring her words. She does not appear to be upset by the sexual activity. She does not indicate that she wants it to stop.”

The Police determined that the sexual contact “appears entirely consensual”.

After news of the story broke, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman has been under extra pressure to file criminal charges in this case, but announced last Friday that his office would not seek prosecution for any criminal misconduct.

But of course, the University wasn’t satisfied.

Because the federal government gives money to colleges to “fight rape culture”, the University is economically driven to support ANY claim of rape and has a direct financial interest in legitimizing this seemingly endless string of rape hoaxes. So this meant combing through the evidence and the student code of conduct finding anything that they ruin a few careers with.

And so, the 10 players that could be connected to the rape hoax were suspended from team activities indefinitely. They have appealed the decision, some are facing expulsion from the school.

In the face of this ridiculous clusterfuck, the rest of the Golden Gopher Football Team could be found exactly where you would expect them – defending their teammates. The football team threatened to boycott their appearance in the Holiday Bowl. It was only after meeting with President of the University, and after lengthy internal discussions amongst the team did they decide to play the game where they would eventually beat Washington State 17-12.

Despite the modest silver lining of a bowl win, this story ends in turmoil for the team with 10 players facing serious consequences – perhaps losing their scholarships or places on the team, or perhaps kicked out of school.

The head coach has been fired (for supporting them, of all things) not to mention the rest of the team who wasn’t even at the party but will also share some of the public shame. Those guys are the real victims, as each one of their athletic futures is now compromised for something they had absolutely no part in.

So where exactly do we find the accuser these days?

That’s a damn good question. She is nameless and faceless and lives in obscurity. Her life goes on and she faces zero consequences for the destruction left in her wake. She gets a pass, the University gets another Sexual Assault on it its books which is like currency to them, and the average American has nothing to do but seethe.

While the political forecast for 2017 is sunny, unfortunately this rape hoax culture bullshit is still hanging around.


Darrel was born in Santa Rosa, California in 1984 and currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Northern Arizona in 2007, starting 3 seasons at Left Guard for the NAU Lumberjacks Football Team. He would later earn a Master’s degree in Business from University of Phoenix.

Darrel has a passion for scholarly pursuits such as economics, politics, and law; but is also an avid outdoorsman and loves to hunt and fish.


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