Trump Burst the Media Bubble, But We Warned Them

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy, and made it clear that he was going to take on illegal immigration and build a wall, I said he’d win in a...

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy, and made it clear that he was going to take on illegal immigration and build a wall, I said he’d win in a landslide. I remember speaking to my good friends at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) earlier this year and telling them exactly that. They thought I was crazy. But I was right.

I’m not some psychic or prodigy. This wasn’t complicated. Ann Coulter predicted it and let’s face it, anyone who has been campaigning against mass immigration in Europe and America predicted it too. Trump was always going to win – Hillary being so corrupt was just a juicy little extra.
This is Brexit 2.0, and the media is doing the same thing here in America as it did in Britain the day after we voted for Brexit – they’re realising they live in a bubble. There is a world outside of New York, and it exists in a sea of red. Not everybody wants to live in a city where men play the guitar dressed unironically as an old woman (yes, I saw that this morning).


We are still free. Exactly. That’s the point, dipshit.

Trump won more black and Latino voters than Romney. He is not a Republican, and that’s why he won. America doesn’t need a conservative right now, it needs a nationalist – a man that can unite the people, including Democrats, and set the stage for a conservative to take on the role in the future.

When I saw that Trump was ‘struggling’ in the polls, I couldn’t help but think of how badly Cruz would have been doing at that point. Cruz would have been destroyed last night, and that would have been the Republican party over forever.

Trump is repairing that party, exposing the Democrats, and he will unite the people. Just give it some time.

Things won’t be so great for the media, though. Traditional media is despised. Megyn Kelly is pretty, not popular. Nobody trusts the newspapers. The polls were clearly wrong, and that’s because dad’s don’t have time to talk politics to a stranger. The whole system is upside down, and it’s being replaced by us.

White men are angry. I refuse to accept that our anger is a bad thing. We made this incredible thing happen. Working class, straight, white men have been abandoned by the politicians all over the world. We have been slandered by the press and stamped on by the institutions. We’re sick of it, and this is our Peasant’s Revolt – but it’s not like we didn’t warn them.

We’ve been telling the left, and the press, that Donald Trump would win this election. We fucking told you so. You didn’t believe us, and now you’re backtracking. You’re finished. This is the end. Your long march is reaching the end of the road, and you’re about to get turned into human paste by the Trump steamroller.



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