Tiger moms & the cannibalisation of 3rd wave feminism

The smarter or more educated you are…. the more money you make.
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So a friend of mine sent me an article the other day with a gotcha headline of:

“Louisiana women won’t receive equal pay until 2115, study predicts”

Frightening, right? I mean to the casual observer this sounds unjust. Fortunately, we have Antifas around to take up causes and fight for the “marginalized” amongst us. Now, add that to a cocktail of Americans who a majority (60%) only read headlines; it’s little wonder why we have such a dumbed down, pussy-whipped society full of Social Justice Warriors.

The article in question is only three paragraphs long. It provides no evidence of anything regarding a wage gap. There is no statistics. Just three different years. Seriously. There is this nugget:

“The wage gap can cost a woman many thousands of dollars over the course of her career and contributes to lifestyle issues such as difficulty saving for retirement — a serious problem for women, who typically live longer than men.”

Some problem you have here women, isn’t it? Living longer and all the while making less? Freeloaders.

We have all heard the numbers. White women make .77 cents on the dollar. Black women make 65 cents and Hispanic women make .55 cents on the “man”s dollar. Funny, how these studies always leave out Asian women. Maybe Asian women don’t fit the “People Of Color” narrative. Which, by the way, is one of the most “racist” types of groupings and microaggressions possible. What, minority populations are just all the same? Seems like their race doesn’t deserve to be identified? Maybe the bourgeoisie just can’t find the time, with all their protesting and gaslighting the logic of M.A.G.A? Or maybe they just don’t have room in the People Of Color inn? I’m seriously stumped. I know Asians tend to be small, I’ll give you that (Alabama black snake anyone). However, something is amiss.

Could it be them little itty bitty Asians don’t fit their emotional and flawed narrative?

Asians, specifically Asian women here, are to the pay gap mythology what Salman Rushdie is to the Islamic mythology. No, Asian women are not illiterate-thieving-child raping-war lords. Like Rushdie, who grew up Islamic, only to be the subject of a Fatwa for calling Islam what it is: satanic. Asian women are educated and paid just about dollar for dollar in what white men (87%) are paid. As the seer suckered suit clothed prophet once said: “Asians are kicking our ass”. And that is why they are never included in any of the feminist written oblations.


Image result for pay gap white black and hispanic


Right now, there is someone out there thinking “87% is not a dollar, we still have 13% to go” but that’s not the case. First of all, Asian women tend to be split into two specific groups: highly educated = highly paid versus not educated = service industry jobs. Thus the service industry jobs drag down wages vs the educated wages in an aggregate. Think of the monopoly they possess as nail technicians. And no, that’s not “racist” all you social justice “warriors” those are called facts; as of 2007

“Fifty-nine percent of nail technicians were women, a large share of whom were Asian American women”

Hell, Asian American women-owned businesses are up 150% since 1997 folks. That’s called winning. Most of all, if there was any anti-feminism sexism in America it would be those dirty, evil Asian men. This is because unlike white men (87 cents on the dollar) Asian women only make 79% of their racial counterparts wages. Where’s that outrage? But when you consider the education is pretty simple:


Race and Ethnicity chart 2

The smarter or more educated you are…. the more money you make. It’s an investment. This is not a particularly hard concept. But that’s the point. It’s not about logic or making sense, its perpetual victim mentality. It’s a power grab. It’s almost hostage like. This is and will always be about culture. Asians pride themselves on scholastics. They hire tutors and expect their kids to graduate college in the same way many minorities hope their kids graduate high school. Thus these are the results you have:

“More than half of Asians in the United States, 54 percent, have at least a bachelor’s degree. That’s up from 38 percent in 1995. It’s an impressive number, especially when compared to the 33 percent college-graduation rate for the total U.S. population”

And in defense of white women, they dominate every female professional field. It’s not like they are just handing out these jobs to people with no degree last time I checked. While Asain women graduate college more so than white women they are only 6% of the population. White women are still the largest demographic in the country. Hence that’s a lot of college-educated white women. Here are some examples of occupation and race from the BLS website for 2016. If you go through the jobs (and there is plenty of other examples there that prove my point) you will see it’s not sexism or racism, rather its education and culture:


Occupation Total Work Force Women Black Asian Hispanic
Healthcare practitioners and technical occupations 8,960 75.6 11.8 9.6 7.8
Education, training, and library occupations 8,948 73.1 10 4.7 10
Professional and related occupations 34,498 57 9.8 9.2 9
Management, professional, and related occupations 59,438 51.5 9.1 8.1 9.3
Service occupations 26,811 56.6 16.8 5.5 23.9
Sales and office occupations 33,539 61.2 12.6 5.2 15.6
Office and administrative support occupations 17,691 72.1 14.1 4.7 15.6
Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations 5,804 40.1 14.6 2.9 38.2

Do you really want to change this? Taking from the “man” or marching around DC with pussy’s on your heads won’t do it. Get out there and make a difference. Volunteer in these minorities communities. Become a big sister. Do something besides constantly self-indulging in your bitter, self-righteous-perpetual-laziness. Yes, I’m talking to you, white guilt ridden feminists. You don’t care about these people really – you just want to wage war on the patriarch. These “People Of Color” are nothing to you but meatshields for your power thirsty agenda. Or you could do what’s right; pack this thing back up & lets put the genie back in the bottle. Rebuild the middle class in terms of numbers, (un)suppress male wages and get back to making nuclear families great again. Or to put it bluntly… get back in the damn kitchen for the good of everyone.


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