Sweden is Now Irreversibly Referred to as “New Rape-istan”

How to Lose Your Country in Three Easy Steps!

Sweden has topped a list of developed countries who have taken in immigrants from throughout the war-torn world, leaving behind a very distant list of other developed countries in its trail. The accolade of “most suicidal country ever” is awarded to the Scandinavian nation this year, based on the number of accepted immigrants – from such beautiful tourist hot spots like Somalia, Eritrea and Syria – who have brought with them all the things that made their countries of origin a shit hole in the first place.  Sweden is a shining example of how to lose a sovereign nation to invaders and have become the world’s western extension of unreported rape, crime and chaos. Sadly, it gives the West a playbook for how to do it:

From the Guardian,

…”However, when the figures are adjusted on a per capita basis then Sweden takes a clear lead. It received 5,700 asylum seekers for every million residents of the country. This is more than twice as many as any other country in the OECD.”

A recent study conducted by the Gatestone Institute revealed the startling depiction of how most Swedish politicians observe the ongoing ‘clash of cultures’ between Northern Europe and the influx of Muslim Immigrants from across the 3rd World. 

 From Citizen Warrior:

Yet, when Gatestone Institute called Swedish politicians at all levels to ask if Islam and democracy were compatible, they gave assurances that there were no problems whatsoever with Islam’s capacity for democracy — or they hung up.

The two most common answers given were:

  • Islam is definitely compatible with democracy!
  • I cannot discuss this matter right now.

Recently within the country, a young Swedish Woman was attacked twice on the same night: Once by an African immigrant who was waiting under her bed to violently rape her and then by guilt-ridden, white liberals in her town for describing her would-be assailant as being “dark skinned”:

Hoping to help catch the suspect, Emilson not only notified the police but quickly took to social media to describe the man in case any of her nearby friends saw him. The petrified woman did her best to give every detail she could remember, describing a “dark-skinned young man” around 18 or 19 years old and wearing “some kind of football shirt.”


Emilson was raped by an African immigrant, and then demonised for describing him as ‘dark skinned’.

One liberal idiot in her town ensured that her outreach to the community to find this individual was met with a digital dose of Virtue Signalling:

“Dark-skinned? Does it make it worse that he’s dark-skinned, and why is it mentioned otherwise in the second sentence, I wonder?” a middle-aged man asked.

Elsewhere in Northern Europe, Germany still continues to this day with the tacit acquiescence of statutory rape perpetrated by their newly arrived guests from the poor world where child brides are commonplace. From the UK Express:

“Youth workers found the two Syrian girls now living in Germany had been married in their homelands whilst under the age of 16, suggesting a worrying rise in underage marriages due to the migrant crisis.”

“Under German law marriages are only legal over the age of 18, although can recognised in exceptional cases for over 16s.”

“While key figures within the Muslim community in Germany have rejected the idea of child marriages, Islet Unal, part of the Islamic community in Freising, denied all should be separated.”

It’s not just Sweden and Germany with this issue. Denmark, The Netherlands and others have extended a warm welcome to those in dire need and this unconditional surrender has been misconstrued as the epitome of what is moral and just in Western Culture.


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  • One-Eye

    Some dopey cunt on the Race Wars podcast said that reports of Muslim rape gangs in Europe were all lies and “right-wing propaganda”.

    She said this because she had recently been in Sweden and had walked the streets at night and wasn’t raped once. So obviously it’s all just a lie for big mean conservatives to hurt people’s feelings.

    The worst thing is that there are no shortage of stupid liberal bitches out there who would believe her and unduly put themselves in harm’s way, just to prove this horseshit right. And no small amount of them will end up beaten and/or raped as a result.

    Europe has committed suicide. I can’t feel too much sympathy for them until they start to fight back in a major way. I’m talking mass deportations and imprisonments. Until then I can only hope my own country, Australia, does not end up the same way.

  • chewtoy2016

    This doesn’t help either. Canceling Winter Festivals because it’s too ‘Swedish’. Get fucked.

    Have the fucking festival and tell those dirt worshippers to suck it up if they don’t like it. They can go back to whatever shit hole country they came from and get killed by a car bomb for all I give a fuck.



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