SJWs Find New Insane Way to Ruin Christmas

The War on Christmas Continues Onward.

In the spirit of giving, two Social Justice Warriors from the state of Minnesota found a way to take the time-cherished Christmas song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and hand back a miserably manipulated version of the holiday classic. This insatiable desire of destroying anything good left in our lives from a year of madness is brought to you by the same people who believe Donald Trump is going to kill gays and start a nuclear war with China.

The War on Christmas Continues Onward.

The remake of the 1944 classic by Frank Loesser comes to us by way of Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski, who found the song’s original play-by-play lyrics of a man properly courting a woman of desire while it’s snowing outside, to be unacceptable for the modern times (basically, date-rape). In this remake, the song’s lyrics are strategically replaced to inspire a message for men to not be “so aggressive and inappropriate” this holiday season, thus removing the overt display of desire men typically show women so as to telegraph a keen interest.

If you can listen to more than 5 seconds of this garbage song, the lyrics go a little like this:

“I ought to say no, no, no,” sings Liza.

“You reserve the right to say no,” croons Lemanski.

For the love of Christmas, it’s from the 1940s not “Baby Got Back”.

At no point, no matter what remake from any two individuals tapped to seriously perform the duet in the last 72 years, has the insinuation of rape or sexual assault been woven into the underlying meaning of the song. None whatsoever, but that doesn’t stop the train of lunatics from turning everything in their path into ash and rust in America. If that’s the case, then every pop performer who’s ever touched this song is now deemed a proponent of the “Rape Culture” these SJWs have tried to prove exists in our society. In essence, their music idols have made it okay for men to rape women by tacitly joining in on the holiday spirit.  Good luck with that.

If you wish, please take some time during your holiday break and review the duets that have prolonged this holiday gem from the last seven decades. Whether it was Dean Martin and Martina McBride or even Michael Buble and Idina Menzel, the song’s integrity is maintained by the famous names who put their singing chops to the test with re-doing this fan favorite. One performance of note is with Brett Eldredge and Meghan Trainor, who’s brand of man-hating is somewhat confusing to her fan base. Even the one with Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon-Levitt keeps it somewhat intact, though it’s in reverse and kinda creepy, since Lady Gaga has no problem with being a weirdo at times.

What am I really trying to say?

The original is a harmless, secular song about the ambiguities of the age-old mating dance set during the holidays. This “remake” is from two people who obviously don’t understand this song features an actual man, unlike the dopey cuck who got forced into singing this stupid thing with his girlfriend. Instead of destroying American culture like ISIS has destroyed art and culture from ancient Babylon, these vigilant SJW critics of the holiday song would do more good if they focused their energy on the hateful and violent vitriol that passes as lyrics in today’s “songs” that strips women of their self-worth now in the year 2016 and not when this song was first produced in 1944.


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