Shakespeare and Eisenhower Warned Us About SJWs 

In an Esquire Magazine interview, Clint Eastwood referred to the current generation of Gen-Xers and Millennials as the “Pussy Generation.” I wholeheartedly agree with him, but I reckon they’re also...

In an Esquire Magazine interview, Clint Eastwood referred to the current generation of Gen-Xers and Millennials as the “Pussy Generation.” I wholeheartedly agree with him, but I reckon they’re also the ‘Compliance Generation’.

Both generations have perpetuated a philosophy and societal movement that is rooted in complying with absolutely fucking anything in the name of safety, security, and political correctness.

Unfortunately, I am a 31-year-old man born in 1985, and am connected to both generations. At one time I felt great pride being closely related to the Gen-Xers, as I am an avid fan of punk rock, anarchy, beer drinking, and pretty much anything that’s a “fuck you” to The Man. But as of late, I am losing steam on my pride of feeling connected to Generation X because more and more, they are falling victim to the social justice movement, which is now being shoved down our throats by my more closely related generational relatives, the Millennials.

Every Generation prior to the one we are currently living in had become more intellectual through freedom of expression. Not this one. These douchebags are actually reversing the progression of thought and humanity in the name of their perverse versions of these same concepts.

This makes total sense because as I write this, they are all almost definitely wearing ironic t-shirts, and out-of-style sweaters.

What don’t these Millennials understand? The progress we have achieved so far as a species in such little relative time to the history of Earth is astounding. It has all been based on going against the grain and questioning everything, especially when there is a collective group of people espousing that you can’t say this, or do that, and if you are going to say this, it has to be said this way; and if you are still going to do that, please only do it this way, but only on every third Tuesday.

“Umm, like, because if you do it on the second Tuesday you are probably a racist, and if you still say it that way, and don’t say the new special word we created, you are also a fascist,”

said every Millennial I live near, and unfortunately associate with.

Fuck you. All of you.

Also, please look up the history and definition of fascism – because controlling and manipulating to create peace and understating has never worked.

I have quickly become saddened to be associated with either generation.

From Shakespeare and Washington, to Kafka and Eisenhower, we have been reminded time and time again we will lose our souls, and everything that is important to us in the shallow and short-sighted search for absolute safety and security.

They all spoke of the dangers of this philosophical, political thought-control seeping into all aspects of society.

All these men warned us about a looming Social Justice War.

Shakespeare subtly and masterfully railed against the crown’s religious and political persecution at the time. Washington warned that such thought would divide us as a nation. Political correctness and social justice is dividing us, and creating more of a duopoly amongst our political class.

Kafka, well, where do I even begin? Every fucking word he wrote was a lament against all bureaucracy known to man. Now, sadly, we live in a generation of people in control who have rolled out the red carpet for the Bureaucratic Takeover.
Eisenhower? This dude holds a special place in my heart. He was the last president active during the Great Generation our nation has seen. I wish I lived during his tenure in office. My pride as an American is merely a nostalgic one based on people like Eisenhower. He eloquently and specifically warned future generations as a sitting president against societal control in forms of movements such as the Military Industrial Complex, and pre-emptive war. He told us that the vain search for absolute safety and security would bankrupt us as a people, and he was right. These grave warnings can also be applicable to all elements of society.

Well, you fucking pussies, we are here. The place all these great men warned us about.

So don’t you dare quote these men, pretend to subscribe to their beliefs, or anything in between.

You motherfuckers are spitting on their graves with the direction you’re pushing us in. Your political correctness and so-called inclusivity are working against the agenda you claim to strive for.

Who knew social and societal control didn’t work? Oh, gee whiz, Batman.

This is Mad Zach signing off with some words of wisdom, that is, “always remember: drink everything and question everyone.”


Zach Chrzan was born and raised in New Jersey by a blue-collar, construction-working Polish and Italian family. He used that blue-collar work ethic and sense of morality to cultivate a career in acting and writing. He is most proud of the plays and screenplays he has gotten produced, as well as the Shakespeare productions he has produced and directed throughout the tri-state area. His libertarian and socially conservative ideals have, at times, made him feel like an outsider in the theater and film world, which has driven him to express his political and philosophical beliefs through political articles and essays.


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