ProudBoy Talks with Breitbart Tech’s Charlie Nash

Hi Charlie, thanks for speaking to ProudBoy. Let’s start by introducing you to our readers. Hey Jack, thanks for having me. I am a tech reporter for Breitbart News...

Hi Charlie, thanks for speaking to ProudBoy. Let’s start by introducing you to our readers.

Hey Jack, thanks for having me. I am a tech reporter for Breitbart News where I predominantly cover the growing political bias of social networks and other Silicon Valley behemoths, as well as all of the quirky tech news that many other sites simply won’t cover.

I first started writing for Breitbart Tech as a contributor in November, and joined properly as a staff writer/Tech Reporter in June. I worked for my Milo shortly beforehand, where he taught me the tricks of the trade, and I was essentially his Sith apprentice, and even further before that I edited a now-defunct libertarian blog called the Squid Magazine.

Can you tell me a little more about Breitbart Tech? How, when and why was it founded?

Breitbart Tech is the technology vertical at Breitbart News. We cover all sorts of stuff ranging from the progressive Silicon Valley biases and the latest Clinton email leaks, to all of the juicy news about Milo, weird internet subcultures, and sex robots.

We’re Breitbart’s newest vertical, excluding Breitbart Jerusalem which was launched shortly after, and we were launched as a safe space for techies in an industry where all of the news outlets appear to have a leftist narrative.

How political is the tech industry becoming? Is this something we should be worried about?

The tech industry is becoming increasingly political, though it’s hardly a new thing. The industry, like many others (including the movie industry, music, academia, and just about everything else) have been run by progressives for many years, though we’re only now starting to see a little bit of a resistance.

I think people were just content with the way that the tech industry worked. Because of the increase in forced identity politics, social justice, and targeted censorship, those days are no more.

I mean look at Twitter for instance. Their CEO, Jack Dorsey, literally wears his political biases on his sleeve, and runs his company in the same way. Every day conservatives, libertarians, and those who are downright anti-establishment are being censored, shadowbannedand suspended from the platform, meanwhile death threats, actual sexual harassment, and terrorist recruitment continues to stand untouched.

Dorsey then has the gall to claim that his platform is for “freedom of speech” and provides a “voice to everyone”, when he is literally practicing the complete opposite. The man is actually in bed with Black Lives Matter for god sake.

Consumers are fed up with it all, and we’re starting to see a bit of resistance. We’ve even got Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal on our side!

Every day conservatives, libertarians, and those who are downright anti-establishment are being censored, shadowbanned, and suspended from the platform.

I’ve noticed the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag on Twitter now has its own emoji. Am I paranoid for thinking that Twitter and other big software firms seem to be pandering to terrorist groups?


Twitter supports Black Lives Matter.

Absolutely, and it’s getting people killed. As if America already hasn’t got enough problems with Black Lives Matter, which is by the way a domestic terrorist group. They are now being egged on by Silicon Valley, and the media, and it is resulting in people getting hurt.

Literally hours before the Dallas shooting, Google posted a tweet announcing their support for Black Lives Matter, along with demands for “racial justice now”.

Twitter also announced their support for the movement the day after the Dallas shooting, where five officers were killed by a BLM supporter, and as you said they even rewarded the movement with their own emoji!

Okay, so how about Facebook? I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been banned for saying something mean about the religion of peace. In fact, my friend Pamela Geller is currently taking legal action against the social network. What’s going on over there?

Facebook is just another one of the social networks on the list. Their censorship is awful, and I have seen so many people and pages suffer from their shit. The popular Meninist page was removed earlier this month for their profile picture… their profile picture is literally just a man with a beard with the label “meninist” over the top. That got their page deleted, and it was only reinstated after we did a story on it and kicked up a fuss.

The difference between Facebook and Twitter however is that Facebook seems to be just a little bit more smart. Not by much, but by a marginal amount. Milo was permanently banned on Twitter for a ridiculous reason, and they have now lost one of the most popular, if not the most popular conservative voice on the platform.

Facebook is still continuing with their Soviet-style censorship, but at least they’re not kicking people off of the platform for life. Milo’s even still verified over there!

But yeah, they’re both bad, and we really need an alternative, but at least Facebook is not deporting half of their userbase.

Are there any other major firms we should be worried about?

Apart from Facebook and Twitter, we should also be wary of the following:

Google, Yahoo!, Pandora, and every other tech company in the world.

Google has been particularly bad, it’s obvious (like Twitter) that they’re in bed with the Clinton Foundation. They have been caught modifying search suggestions and results in favour of herputting Trump campaign emails automatically in spam inboxes, and a ton of other shit.

Julian Assange even warned that a lot of Google execs would get high positions in a Clinton Administration because of how close they are. It’s terrifying.

How about our emails? All these software giants have control over our personal data- should we be concerned about that, or should I stop donning my tin foil hat?

Of course we should be concerned. These places are major parts of our lives, and we don’t always appreciate just how much so. The amount of information that these companies, and in particular Google, have of ours is frightening. More-so when it’s apparent they’re our enemies.

Does this mean we should delete our email accounts and live off-grid? No. But we should all be making sure that they get as little of our information as possible. Read more into the terms of service, or software agreements before signing up for or downloading things. Turn off your iCloud auto-sync. Use VPN’s and proxies. Make sure these bastards have as little of our information as possible. That’s all we really can do.

Is there anything we can do to change what tech giants are doing? Do consumers have any real power over this, or are we just going to have to migrate to entirely new platforms?

Apart from what I’ve said above, we can’t really do a lot else. Especially if you’re a techy like me. But we do need alternatives.

We need a free speech alternative to Twitter and Facebook. WikiLeaks threatened Twitter with one the other day, and I hope they follow through. They would be the best people on this planet to run such a thing, and I’d migrate in an instant.

In fact, any network that would promise not to ban and censor conservatives would pretty much have an instant audience.

It will happen eventually, though I’m not sure when. It could be in a month or a year, but there will be significant repercussions to the way that Twitter and Facebook and Google are currently treating us, and it will hit them where it hurts… Financially.

I can’t wait for that day.

Are you a Proud Boy?

I am a Proud Boy, and I like you more than a friend. Uhuru.


You can find Charlie Nash’s work over at Breitbart Tech.



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