ProudBoy Exclusive: Aerik Von Talks ‘Make America Hate Again’ Tour

Hijacked by hippies, propagandized by the left, and twisted by cultural Marxism, rock music is a shell of its former self. As explained in an article covered beautifully by...

Hijacked by hippies, propagandized by the left, and twisted by cultural Marxism, rock music is a shell of its former self. As explained in an article covered beautifully by Richard Donahue in ProudBoy Magazine, main stream ideology has castrated rock ‘n’ roll and turned a once dangerous western pastime into a petting zoo where the animals are strange but “don’t bite”.


As a punk rocker, it’s distressing to know exactly what all the political and social beliefs are of every girl with a funny color dye in her hair and every guy with studs in his jackets.
Who would the Ramones vote for? They’d probably be arguing about it because they all had different politics. What was Jimmi Hendrix’s stance on the flat tax? He doesn’t know cause he was too busy making amazing guitar music. How would GG Allin’s feel about trans-bathrooms? He doesn’t care because he’s covered in shit, in a dress, punching a priest.


Music was never meant to be single-minded, it was meant to get your blood pumping and upset all the right people.


Some people haven’t forgotten that rock ‘n’ roll is the devils music, and Aerik Von of the Lucifer Jones is one of those people. He has been riling people up on social media with his upcoming “Make American Hate Again” tour of the northeast just in time for the election.


How did you come up with the idea behind your “Make America Hate Again” tour?
Society is at a dangerous verge right now and people are filled with hate on all sides. In everyone’s divided world they are the heroes of the story and the enemy is just that. People are in the middle of mass confrontation and it isn’t getting any better with this joke of an election. Hate is running at an all time high and the freight trains are all heading for the same stop all at once.
Is there an effect your person politics had on the idea for the tour?
Certainly…the more America turns on itself the more that America needs a soundtrack to do it to. Hilariously…rock and roll thrived on offending the socially acceptable portions of society and here we are to do it again.


What ideas in American culture have most annoyed you in the past couple years?

Almost every aspect of culture has been purchased to the highest corporate bidder and resold. This in itself isn’t the fault of the corporations but instead with the people in their various “cultures” refusing to push themselves creatively. People are so quick to blame “the corporations” but are also the first to set themselves up to be sold.
Another trend that is impossible to stand is the arrogance that has risen out of the “every child gets a medal” society. We’ve designed a world without competition that almost places an entire reward system on being different as an accomplishment vs. your actual contributions and skills to society. We use the word “heroic” now to describe anyone who is “different” openly and it’s becoming such a confused narrative that people are more apt to praise a person for whatever their supposed “identity” is than their actions, accomplishments or who they are as a person outside of the political agenda they can be manipulated to support.
I attended a small town high school as a pretty weird outsider and I took my fair share of the stick and wasn’t welcomed with open arms and I never felt that society “owed” it to me to accept me or make special accommodations to make me feel comfortable for being on the outside. Being unique does not make you special and the law isn’t there to protect your feelings. The outsiders I grew up with in the East Village and the rest of the country back in the day were a lot tougher, emotionally stable and capable of getting things done than a generation of people more interested in blaming people for what they don’t have than running out and taking it…
We’ve become a society of reactionary witch hunters propping up perfect ideals in a world of severely imperfect people. It’s not shocking that in the internet age that individuality is being consumed by oversimplified versions of the herd but basically it’s “group” against “group” against “group” and the basic standards of human to human interaction have been lost because while we are all supposedly “the same” we are being boiled down to our identity tags handed out by the outcast elite than being built on for our professional and personal accomplishments.




Is there a predominate political narrative in most musicians you run into and what are your feeling on it?

Most musicians I know are a pretty diverse bunch but I would also say that most of them lean towards being apolitical. The music industry is a very self-involved place and the politics (or lack thereof) often match the presentation of their music. The more decadent the band…the more liberal the politics. I think it’s often overly simplistic or extraordinarily insincere to be honest.

What do you hope people take away from your music?

Many of the songs are about drug abuse, personal failure, homelessness and madness and all of these things are what effect happens to you in your life. If you shoot up heroin you will die, if you fail…you will fail. Personal responsibility is everything and I will confess to going through phases where I blamed everyone but myself for things going wrong and it made me look like a jackass. Hopefully my music can make people examine themselves a little more deeply. Maybe it will convince them to kill their parents and then turn the gun on themselves.
Whatever comes first.

How can you use “Hate” to their advantage?

In times of great struggle, hate can give you the strength to survive. It can give you the push to prove your enemies wrong and endure the darkest days of your time. Hate will also keep you from quietly adopting things that may harm you as “acceptable”. Hate isn’t always a good thing but when it’s good it may be the one thing to help you overcome the most difficult struggles.


Are the venues hosting you music taking a risk?

It’s always a powder keg when we play certain cities. We draw really diverse crowds that sometimes don’t get along and what happens can happen. Usually though, everyone gets a along pretty well because I think everyone coming to see us believes in similar ideas no matter where they come from or what they appear to be on a shallow basis.


Where are people going to be able to see you?

We have already booked dates in Los Angeles, Texas and Chicago…we will be extending the tour to NOLA, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Europe as well probably in 2018…our websites will have the full list of dates coming in 2017.


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PawL Bazile was born in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1984. He grew up in a middle-class suburban Italian American family and studied Theater Arts, Literature, and Filmmaking in New York City. He self educates in Science and History regularly.

He made his 1st short film when he was 14 and received an honorable mention from Kean University. Since then he has written, produced and directed dozens of short films and completed an award winning feature length documentary LIVING THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (2011) with punk rock and metal legends including members of the Misfits, Bill Ward of Black Sabbath and Peter Steele of Type O Negative. Currently he is making the motorcycle documentary SAVAGE which will discuss the life of his murdered uncle.

Pawl Bazile has performed comedy, poetry, and spoken word. He has also acted in films and appeared in plays off Broadway. PawL regularly contributes to SugarBuzz Magazine and is a regular contributor for Proud Boys Magazine.

Pawl Bazile currently runs a media company called New Measure Productions and lives in a dangerous neighborhood.


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