Why There Are No Successful Black Nations…Yet!

There is an assumption I would like you to make: I am white and not racist. Who am I kidding? I’m a honky writing about Africa in biological and...

There is an assumption I would like you to make: I am white and not racist.

Who am I kidding? I’m a honky writing about Africa in biological and economic terms. Of course the vast swathes of PC puss-cakes are going to safe-space the entire black race from my discussion of ‘hate-facts’. How dare I impose myself? Haven’t white people done enough damage?

Actually, that’s what I contest: I don’t think we’ve done anywhere near enough damage to warrant blaming white and Arab slavers for ‘the painful fact that most African and Caribbean nations have either failed or are about to collapse’. Such is the opinion of a recent Foreign Policy magazine article by Prof. Chigozie Obioma, titled ‘There Are No Successful Black Nations’. Rather, I think that blaming white people prevents blacks from finding the right solution.

Obioma notes that there is no country in the world ‘where the black man is dignified.’

In the same breath, almost as a kneejerk reaction, he wants to pass blame: ‘History dealt us an unforgiving blow in the incursion of foreigners into black lands’, referring to Arab and European enslavement, colonization and proselytism. But, this immediately begs the question: why have similar acts not had a similar effect on others races and nations?

Nigerians are very dear to me because of their glorious sense of humour and how their relatively strong middle class have been able to accumulate enough capital to send their children to be educated in the West. But even Nigeria, ‘the most populous black nation on Earth, is on the brink of collapse.’ Obioma comes very close to ceasing all lament about blacks’ problems and looking for their cause within their own populations rather than some other group:

“As long as we continue to ignore our own self-assessment…we will remain the undignified race.”

However, no acknowledgement is made of predominantly genetic factors, most importantly IQ.
What is the main symptom to be resolved? Obioma writes:

“If we, black people everywhere, cannot gather the resources within our powers to exert real changes and restore our dignity, we will continue to be seen as weak.”

But, the problem is that Africans haven’t undergone the sort of environmental changes as Europeans and Asians – agriculture, advanced trading cities, saving for winter etc.; for thousands of years, these factors favoured the production of a capitalist class.

Africans, whilst having sadly lost many connections to their ancient tribal ancestry, have more importantly not had the time or the environment to develop a substantial bourgeoisie with the work ethic, familial values and natural desire to delay gratification. Thus, Ghana and South Korea, which were at similar levels of development in the 1960’s, are completely different today; South Korea is a very advanced nation state but Ghana hasn’t much improved.

What’s more, the West has spent trillions trying to improve the economy of African countries.

It is not necessarily that most black people cannot gather resources but rather that most do not want to accumulate capital over a long period. How else could East Asians have taken so successfully to industrial, modern capitalism, if not for having a strong middle class?

It is foolish to ignore genes and culture when, for example, looking at why blacks are disproportionately represented in violent crime, wherever they are found in the world, and East Asians, the exact opposite. Blaming white people for this may be good for guilt-tripping more welfare but, as Obioma notes, this ‘does nothing to inspire respect’ and only encourages dependency.

If African-origin peoples are going to have the sort of dignity or even clout that Obioma wishes, they will have to focus on developing their capitalist class, trading freely with the world and end expectations of those who simply do not fit in to the Western lifestyle. When blacks moan about the white man and deny any personal responsibility for the failure of their communities and countries the world over, despite receiving lots of money from the white man, it is a sign of weakness and does not inspire confidence.

When blacks resort to white guilt, it is like a spoilt teenager blaming their parents for their irresponsible behaviour.


The Barbary Slave Trade saw whites being enslaved by Barbary pirates between the 16th and 18th century.

Why do Europeans not frequently complain that the Ottomans stole many more children from our shores to be forced into slavery than whites ever did? Why are some Asian clans not demanding reparations from their once conquering neighbours?

We can take care of ourselves, that’s why.

It is the strong capitalist class which has enabled the West to thrive. So long as blacks pander to cultural Marxism, they will not only help to destroy the capitalist classes in the West but also any hope of developing their own. If they want their economy to develop so they can stand on their own two feet with ‘dignity’, what advice would the Left offer? As Prof. Walter Block joked:

“Why are we giving poor countries foreign aid? Just tell them to raise their minimum wage!”

No, it isn’t a coincidence that those individuals with higher IQ’s tend to be more economically successful and that those countries with higher average IQ’s are too. If Obioma and others are serious about ‘self-assessment’ of the ‘black race’, they’re not going to find the help they need from the Left, whose ideology compels them to continue promoting unsuccessful policies. They might find it from those who care enough to tell the truth, though they are called ‘racist’.


Richard Storey LL.M is a teacher, blogger and host of the YouTube channel, That Libertarian Chap, aimed at promoting libertarianism and Western ideals in the UK. His work focuses on the socio-biological factors which gave rise to libertarian principles and institutions in the West, considerations for the future of the West and the establishment of a private law society. He has previously contributed to Ocean Drive from the Council of European Canadians and the Libertarian Alliance, and has interviewed prominent academics in the fields of Law, Psychology and Economics.


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