Milo vs. Islamists – Twitter’s Hypocrisy

  Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos has been banned on Twitter after writing a spot- on review of the new “Ghostbusters” film. Milo wrote his review, attracting much attention...


Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos has been banned on Twitter after writing a spot- on review of the new “Ghostbusters” film. Milo wrote his review, attracting much attention from his fans – as well as some of his adversaries – namely one of the stars of the film, actress and comedian Leslie Jones.

Jones complained about the “abuse” that she was receiving from Milo supporters, and requested that Milo’s account be permanently banned. It seems that Jones’ request was granted as Milo’s account has been permanently suspended as of July 19.

Twitter has a history of silencing conservative voices on their platform, but this is the most blatant and most controversial example of free speech being openly and proudly violated on Twitter. What Twitter is effectively telling their users is that the only types of opinions allowed to be voiced on their platform are those with which Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey agrees with. Jack is apparently allowing quite a range of other abusive speech to be heard, as evidenced by Jones’ prior history of racist tweets.

The importance of keeping free speech alive, especially on such a large and influential platform such as Twitter, could not be overstated.

If we are unable to fight ideas with ideas, then we no longer live in a free society. A free exchange of ideas is central to any and every form of development that we can hope to achieve. Free speech must win, in any engagement that it comes across. Every opinion and every voice deserves to be heard, whether or not that voice is personally offensive to you. Free speech activist Gad Saad makes this very clear in his video response to this recent controversy. Revoking such a basic civil right shows where Twitter’s priorities truly are, and they’re definitely not in the best interest of its users.

The best part of all of this is that Twitter is violating the free speech of conservatives for the purpose of promoting a safe space which will serve to protect the feelings of those who live to oppress the very groups Twitter claims to support. Twitter has partnered with Islamists in the name of creating a safe space to “ensure people can continue to express themselves freely and safely”. If this sounds hypocritical, that’s because it is. Here we see that Twitter is promoting free expression, as long as it follows the narrow narrative of PC fascism.

The bottom line is that the voice of a journalist was silenced for expressing opinions that he apparently doesn’t have the right to hold on a movie.

He made some jokes about a comedian who was too sensitive to laugh at herself. She told her fan base that she was in tears and that she was too hurt to continue posting on Twitter, but then she returned two days later to talk about a TV show. Was Leslie Jones as offended by Milo’s comments as it had appeared? Probably not. Were some of Milo’s supporters a tad too harsh on Leslie? Maybe. Should Milo be forced to take responsibility for the actions and words of his fans? No. Should free speech be upheld and respected in every form? Yes. Is the new Ghostbusters movie a terrible piece of propaganda? Absolutely.

Jurgen Lipps



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