The Middle Class is Being Spit Roasted – Become a Proud Boy Viking

The Middle Class put the civilized in Western Civilization. Trade has always been a significant factor in creating a more peaceful society. People will often look to the pacifying...

The Middle Class put the civilized in Western Civilization. Trade has always been a significant factor in creating a more peaceful society. People will often look to the pacifying teachings of Christianity as the source but, just as studies have found that primitive tribes become significantly more peaceful as trade develops, so we too can look to our much-maligned Viking ancestors for our example.

As James C. Russell explains in The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity, Christianity didn’t really have much of a cultural impact in Northern Europe for centuries; if anything, the Church adapted to suit the testosterone-rich culture of the Germanic peoples. Of course, this suited the papacy just fine when it came time to fight the Crusades. This cultural chasm between Jesus and the Northern-European patriarch was even more visible with the Norse. But, whilst the Vikings have a blood-thirsty reputation, the West should reconsider them spiritual ancestors of the Western Gentleman.

Once upon a time, pillaging a newly discovered tribe’s camp before they had a chance to do the same was a universal pastime. Winter wasn’t the season to be jolly before agriculture and central heating. You were more likely to be found roasting the guy you killed in the morning, than chestnuts on an open fire.

What changed?

The problem with pillaging is that it only presents a one-time payoff. But, agriculture, private property and the accumulation of resources brought greater opportunities for trade; and, with increasing trade, came a favourable environment for those who were smarter, friendlier and more trustworthy. If you want regular customers and to defeat competitors, you have to show reciprocity and be able to develop a rapport; eating them doesn’t have the same effect.

As Walter Williams puts it:

‘Prior to capitalism, the way people amassed great wealth was by looting, plundering and enslaving their fellow man. Capitalism made it possible to become wealthy by serving your fellow man.’

The Vikings present a perfect example of this learning curve and the development of an influential, libertarian, capitalist class.

From Greenland to Baghdad, the Vikings quickly understood and developed this great Western principle and, furthermore, established successful trading cities, such as Dublin.


Dublin in 1014.

Their concern for fairness was so strong that the great Sagas, which rival the Greek epics, even present lawyers as heroes. So strong was their libertarian desire for individualism and laissez-faire in the middle ages that some Vikings left the increasingly statist Norway. In rejection of religious strife and the introduction of taxes on property, they established the free Icelandic Commonwealth, which had a predominantly private system of government. Eat your heart out USA.

Ever since, the rising capitalist class has caused a ‘series of cataclysmic revolutions that blasted loose the Old Order and the old ruling classes’, to quote Rothbard:

‘the English Revolutions of the 17th century, the American Revolution, and the French Revolution, all of which were necessary to the ushering in of the Industrial Revolution and of at least partial victories for individual liberty, laissez-faire separation of church-and-state, and international peace.’

But classical liberalism has given rise to democracy and given way to socialism – what passes for ‘liberalism’ today. Sadly, the threat against the capitalistic middle class, which produced our great Western Civilization and led the world in the cause of liberty, is still going strong.

A two-pronged attack is upon us, a spit-roasting, if you will – corporatism from above and socialism from below. The socialistic lower classes from beneath, no less competitive over resources than our cannibalistic ancestors, try to evoke guilt in the more productive and successful middle class.

In the name of justice, they demand the seizure of other people’s stuff for their own purposes.

But death truly comes from above; the political class are the ones who appease those masses, coercively expropriating and distributing those resources with supposed impunity.

Furthermore, they give breaks and bailouts to their chums in the crony corporations who pay for the political campaigns which get them to the iron throne – the publicly owned judicial monopoly we call ‘democracy’, imposing more and more regulations and taxes which make the creation of small businesses a nightmare.

Enough of our ancestors understood the importance of free men and free markets to the health of our culture and civilization. And it was their gumption, in the face of parasitic forces stifling their entrepreneurial activity, which made the West the best and the world a better place.

The last thing our cultural enemies want is an armed, proud and manly middle class and there is a war underway to ostracise those who celebrate and strive for it.

Answer the call!

What we need is more Proud Boys, with the chauvinistic audacity of Viking patriarchs. Uhuru!


Richard Storey LL.M is a teacher, blogger and host of the YouTube channel, That Libertarian Chap, aimed at promoting libertarianism and Western ideals in the UK. His work focuses on the socio-biological factors which gave rise to libertarian principles and institutions in the West, considerations for the future of the West and the establishment of a private law society. He has previously contributed to Ocean Drive from the Council of European Canadians and the Libertarian Alliance, and has interviewed prominent academics in the fields of Law, Psychology and Economics.


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