The Problem With Metal Is The Media: Stop Being Faggots

The entire history of Heavy Metal is a never ending fight for free speech regardless of who takes offense. It’s libertarian in nature. It was more than just a...
Lars Ulrich not giving a fuck.

The entire history of Heavy Metal is a never ending fight for free speech regardless of who takes offense. It’s libertarian in nature. It was more than just a genre – it was the embodiment of rebellion, freedom, and pushing the envelope. However, in the current state of the world even Heavy Metal has been taken over by SJW rhetoric and the PC Leftist narrative. It’s time to give these posers a wakeup call.

Heavy Metal has finally been overrun by SJW faggots.

If you search Google for “Heavy Metal News”, two of the first three results will be, and Both of these sites are affiliated and staffed entirely by SJW cucks. Check out the search results for “Bernie” and “Trump” on each site. I’m not going to get in to every article that reeks of social justice, that’s an article for another day, but I found two that gave me a good chuckle.

MetalInjection features an article by Shayne Mathis entitled “Social Justice Warriors Are Not Invading Heavy Metal” where Mathis slams an extreme Heavy Metal band for saying that they don’t want SJWs ruining their shows and interfering with the artistic expression. Mathis starts his argument with this gem:

To begin with, there’s no such thing as a Social Justice Warrior (SJW). The term is a relatively new pajorative[sic] that’s used to dismiss people the user wants to paint as reactionary or hypersensitive. It’s a hollow insult that only has meaning in the most broad terms.

Mind you, this is the same guy who wrote the semi-viral article called “The Problem with Heavy Metal Is Metalheads: Stop Calling Everyone A Faggot” where Mathis declares himself the word-police and goes on an epic rant against Metal fans who use offensive words and then ends up crying about “racism, sexism, and homophobia”. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until I see the word “intersectionality” in a headline. Have these guys ever even listened to Heavy Metal?

Heavy Metal is controversial, offensive, and promotes free speech.

Since Heavy Metals inception in the 1960’s its entire identity was founded on being controversial, offensive, and rebellious while promoting and defending the free speech that allowed such things in the first place. Does no one remember the “Satanic Panic”? The history of Heavy Metal is all about deviating from the mainstream, thinking for yourself, individual freedom, saying what you want, doing what you want, kicking ass, and not giving a fuck what anyone else thought about it. Heavy Metal is about living by your own rules and telling authoritarians to fuck off.

In the 70’s and 80’s it took some balls to use Satanic imagery, anti-Christian sentiment, and promote sex, drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

All of that shit is mainstream now, so none of it is rebellious or edgy whatsoever. Most people are completely missing the point, Heavy Metal isn’t about Satan, sex, and drugs, it’s about promoting whatever message you can that will “stick it to the man”.

Modern “Metal” bands – I don’t care how low you tune your guitars or how fast your blast beats are. If you’re not causing controversy you’re just a bunch of posers and we all know it. You’re supposed to be out there pushing buttons and offending anyone that you can. Meanwhile, we have “Metal News” sites run by SJWs and prominent musicians like Randy Blythe and Corey Taylor pushing the Leftist narrative like they’re some kind of enlightened intellectual. No dude. You scream into a microphone about the struggles of adolescence. Get the fuck over yourself.

What the fuck happened?

The true spirit of Heavy Metal is freedom. It’s as simple as that. Heavy Metal isn’t a band, a person, or even a style of music. It’s a way of life. It’s telling the world “Don’t fucking tell me what to do, what to think, or what to say! Fuck you!”. Not too long ago Heavy Metal was on the front lines fighting for free speech just like we are today.

Metallica was set to play an MTV gig on live TV and were told not to swear so instead of playing “King Nothing” they broke out into Anti-Nowhere League’s “So What?”.

Judas Priest were taken to court because a kid committed suicide and the parents claimed that the band was responsible owing to subliminal messaging in one of their records.

Dee Snyder went before the supreme court against Tipper Gore to fight against the censorship of music.

Marilyn Manson was blamed for Columbine.

These events are monumental to consider today, and to imagine what the alternative could have been.

Let’s face it.

It’s 2016. Lars Ulrich tweets out pictures of himself with Lin Manuel Miranda. Rob Halford is doing gigs with BabyMetal. Dee Snyder whines and complains about Donald Trump’s political career. The most popular Heavy Metal news websites are full of nothing more than useless drivel, virtue signaling, Black Lives Matter banners, Pokemon Go Metal covers, and endless bashing of Trump, Christians, and any Metal musician who doesn’t fall in line with them politically. Heavy Metal may be a dying genre, but the attitude of Heavy Metal is alive and well amongst a small group of Proud Boys.



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