Are Liberals Planning a Book Burning?

'Dangerous' is so popular, liberals' only option is to start burning books.

Liberals are in a hate frenzy regarding Milo’s new book, ‘Dangerous’. The book is already a best seller on Amazon and it’s not set for release for another couple of months. As 50 Cent once said, “let ’em hate, Watch the money pile up.”

Go Milo, it’s your birthday. In 2017 everyday is your birthday.

Liberal tears are in such ample supply it’s making the roads icy. As Dangerous as that sounds, nothing is more dangerous to the “liberal” cultural Marxist paradigm than a gay conservative with an all-time best seller.

They are completely devastated.

The silliest part about the “liberal” vitriol is their lack of effort. Do they get bored with themselves?

No, I don’t think they’re concerned Shannon. And no, Milo isn’t responsible for the over 300K people who followed him.

He criticized Ghostbusters because it was an unfunny, anti-family, pro-obesity propaganda film.

We’ve been over this 1,000 times. I was going to tweet @ Shannon and remind her but I’m already blocked.

They clearly haven’t done their homework on Milo. They call the guy things like “Nazi” and “White supremacist” when they couldn’t be any more wrong. David Duke clarifies:

“Liberals” are aware a boycott of ‘Dangerous’ is sure to fail and they don’t read books anyways.

They get their information from MTV and The Daily Show, why would they need to read? Reading a book that differs from the Cultural Marxist belief system? Fuck that, no way, better burn it.

So called “liberals” are in such a psychotic meltdown, they are dangerously close to book burning and I think it’s going to happen.

As Sarah Silverman eloquently put it, the book is “YUCK AND BOO AND GROSS” so why not burn it?

I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a public burning of ‘Dangerous’ on a college campus sometime this spring. How else are tolerant liberals going to prevent “hate speech” from entering their safe spaces? What better way to show their tolerance than with a good old-fashioned book burning?

Legalized weed won’t be the only thing liberals burn this spring. Fire departments around the country are on high alert for the book’s launch mid-March. As the kids say, “It’s lit.”

At the same time I predict some “liberals” will actually read the book and it will change the world.

Could ‘Dangerous’ be an all-time classic? Will Milo’s new book outsell the Qur’an? How long will this book stay at #1, two, perhaps three years?

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