Let’s Get These Five Guys and Gals on TGMS

Recently on episode 194 of ‘The Gavin McInnes Show’ Gavin explained how interesting guests sometimes don’t get back to him. That’s where the Proud Boys come in. Get @...

Recently on episode 194 of ‘The Gavin McInnes Show’ Gavin explained how interesting guests sometimes don’t get back to him. That’s where the Proud Boys come in. Get @ these people and demand they come on the show. Once selected by the Proud Boys they have no choice but partake in a good time.


Prior to TGMS I had no idea who Jim Goad was and had a vague understanding of Chuck Johnson. Now I hit GotNews.com everyday, read Jim Goad religiously on Taki and I’m halfway through ‘The Redneck Manifesto’. I can’t forget about Jack Buckby, Sonnie Johnson, Mercedes Carrera, and Martina Markota. These folks hold high rank in the Proud Boy Universe. Currently the lowest rank belongs to Claire Cab who recently no showed in disgrace.  If Claire actually tried, she’d be High Priestess of the Proud Boys.


When your show features a transgender woman showing off her titties and a host that spread his ass cheeks during an argument with that same transgender, I’m sure it can be difficult to have guests commit.


The following guests have been vetted as cool and are likely to come on the show. They are people we welcome with open arms in the Proud Boys Universe and our Holy Temple of no wanks.


 Uncle Hotep




Uncle Hotep is a black Trump supporter with an absolutely hilarious podcast and loyal twitter following of neatly 8,000. His YouTube channel now features “Nig-Nog of the Day” where he calls out his fellow blacks for doing stupid shit. A recent recipient of “Nig-Nog of the Day” was Dallas Cowboy linebacker Rolando McClain who gained 40 lbs. this off-season after becoming addicted to prescription cough syrup.


The #Hotep movement is a conscious movement consisting primarily of blacks centered on self-reliance and community. For entry into Hotep, one must be woke to things that destroy the black community like the government incentivizing fatherless homes and black on black violence. The Hotep movement is not too dissimilar from the Proud Boys.


I think Uncle Hotep and Gavin would get along swimmingly. In fact, I think they’ll become best friends.  My prediction is that Uncle Hotep will become a frequent guest and Proud Boy favorite.


Uncle Hotep will be featured in an upcoming documentary, ‘Silenced: Our War on Free Speech’, out later this fall.


Cassandra Fairbanks



My interview with Cassandra Fairbanks was featured on the front page of the first ever edition of Proud Boy Magazine.


A former writer for liberal click bait sites turned Trump supporter, Cassandra has an important story to tell.  She’s also pretty hot.  Cassandra currently works for Sputniknews.com


Martin Shrkeli



Martin Shrkeli is arguably one of the illest Proud Boys in the game. First class Western Chauvinist and entrepreneur, there are rumors of Martin Shrkeli entering the Proud Boy Hall of Fame. There are even rumors Shkeli and Gavin are starting a band.


Shrkeli’s recent take on Hillary Clinton’s health is an absolute must watch:



 Roosh V



 Resident Monarch of ReturnOfKings.com and author of “Free Speech isn’t Free: How 90 Men Stood up Against the Globalist” Roosh V is a Proud Boy indeed. He meets all criteria of Western Chauvinist, entrepreneur, and rebel.


Gavin previously interviewed Roosh on The Rebel so him being guest on TGMS is likely.


The proud boys are non-existent without freedom of speech. Roosh V is an important guy.


Sabine Raymonvil

  raymonvili - Copy


Sabine Raymonvil is a black female police officer recently suspended by twitter for straying from the communist narrative. The SJW’s at twitter can’t have a pretty, black Trump supporting police officer fuck up their little victim groups; so naturally, she was banned from the platform.

raymonvili 2


She’s done porn so I doubt she’d have any reservations about coming on the show. We need the Proud Boys network to help track this chick down and get her on the show, she has an important story to tell. Can the Proud Boys help track her down? Contact her, and get her on the show?

  gavin tweet


Proud of your Boy

– Alan J Ericson





Alan Ericson is the Author of Barter 7: The Conspiracy to Assassinate Lil Wayne, creator of GorillaRadio.tv and writer for Proud Boy Magazine.

Alan is dedicated to health, nutrition, and renaissance.


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