BREAKING: Clinton Campaign and DNC Admit to Collusion And Inciting Violence at Trump Rallies

Here come Hillary's agent provocateurs

“It doesn’t matter what the legal and ethics people have to say, we have to win this motherfucker.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. The salad of damning quotes in this video would have been enough to full stop any past presidential campaign, but we are living in the age of fully controlled legacy media and we happen to be supporting a candidate that has the unfortunate proclivity of liking pussy. This new video dropped by Project Veritas, an organization founded by conservative activist  James O’Keefe, shows the DNC’s involvement in fomenting violence at Trump rallies. This is the first of many coming this week and we look forward to the crimes of Hillary Clinton and the DNC coming to light. Let’s just hope James O’Keefe doesn’t suddenly decide to kill himself with two shots to the back of his head.

“We have mentally ill people that we pay to do shit. Make no mistake.”

Yea, they’re called Hillary voters.


Stephen McCarthy is a comedian and writer from Virginia. Stephen created a sketch show called “The Uncanny Valley” which garnered attention from The Comic’s Comic, Best NY Comedy, The Herald, and NYC Comedy Picks of the Week. After it was cancelled by social justice warriors, Proud Boy Magazine recruited him as a columnist. You can see more at


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