Is Hillary Really That Bad?

Shit-pushers, buckle up because if you’re reading this then you’re in for a bumpy fucking ride of truth. You know Hillary Clinton? She’s a cunt, and I’m going to...

Shit-pushers, buckle up because if you’re reading this then you’re in for a bumpy fucking ride of truth. You know Hillary Clinton? She’s a cunt, and I’m going to give you one of the biggest reasons why she’s a cunt, backed up with a shit load of stuff you can’t argue with: facts.

Alright, so most of you have never been in the military, and most of you in the military were too dumb to get a security clearance, so I’m gonna break this shit down for you.

There are three levels of clearance in the military: Classified, Secret, and Top Secret.

Each one of those levels of clearance has a spectrum of restriction but we’ll keep it simple for the sake of this article. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State likely had access to both a Top Secret level of security clearance and the SIPRNet. The SIPRNet is a network for exchanging messages that are ALL on the secret level. Additionally, the top of the screen is in big ‘ol letters marked: SECRET.

Everything you do on the SIPRNet is monitored by someone else. Believe me, someone is always watching. I once made the mistake of saying “Roger, we’re not shooting live rounds because reasons” on a secure connection and got my asshole torn asunder by my squad leader. So if I got my butthole shrekt by a yeti of a man for accidentally typing a meme on a military computer, you can bet that Hillary had many people checking up on her about every tiny action she did.

The only difference was she gets to walk away scot-free.

If there is such a thing as privilege, this would be the prime example of it – yet somehow those very same social justice faggots are the ones defending her, which is beyond me.

A lot of this shit has been covered up quickly so that the campaign can move forward. The Clinton foundation has worked very hard to make sure this email scandal is old news as quickly as possible. Recent events, however, have brought this story back to life: along came “stonetear”.


Basically, the ‘hacker’ heroes of Reddit did all the work for us. They weren’t for or against Hillary, they just wanted to watch the world burn, and they did so to the benefit of Trump supporters and anyone willing to listen. They decided to check into this ‘stonetear’ guy and see what he’s up to. He was too incompetent to do actual IT work on his own, so he asked the American people how to do his job and it backfired on him. Reddit found all of this guy’s accounts, where he lived, what he looked like, and then made a timeline of the Clinton Corruption.

These SJW’s defend her by saying “Well a lot of those emails she deleted were to her aids to get coffee or something trivial.” Okay, but she deleted over 40,000 emails, and you’re saying that all of that was for coffee requests? You must be taking fucking crazy pills because there’s no fucking way. 30 of those emails have been confirmed by the FBI to be related to Benghazi.

Honestly, it doesn’t even fucking matter. Whether they were for getting coffee or a personal email to Monica Lewinsky to stop sucking her husband’s dick, it’s all totally illegal.

The closest clearance related crime to this, which honestly pales in comparison, is the case of Bradley Manning. The piece of shit who…no, stop, I already know what you’re thinking. Stop it. He didn’t release documents to WikiLeaks because he was a ‘whistle-blower’. He did it because he was a sad, lonely, traitor who was manipulated into doing it. This guy is currently in prison for violation of the Espionage act of 1917. He’s currently trying to transform into a woman during his prison sentence of 35 years.


So if this kid goes to prison for 35 years for a security clearance related crime…

You can bet that what Hillary did as a Secretary of State was completely irresponsible, and reason enough not to vote for her.

“But Trump is a criminal too! He left bills unpaid! He owes $380,000!”

Yes, Trump has bills left unpaid, and yes he owes about $380,000. You know what $380,000 is to a man like Trump? Trump-change.

Comparing Trump’s crime to Hillary’s is like comparing a college student who didn’t pay his parking ticket to someone who drove a 19-ton truck through a crowd of people in Nice, France on Bastille day killing 86 people and injuring 434 and calling it the same crime.




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