Hold Up – Clint Eastwood Aint No Proud Boy Yet

In an interview this week, Clint Eastwood declared, ‘We’re really in a pussy generation.’ What did he mean? Eastwood points at political correctness and virtue signalling as the cause...

In an interview this week, Clint Eastwood declared, ‘We’re really in a pussy generation.’ What did he mean? Eastwood points at political correctness and virtue signalling as the cause of this unmanly generation, lacking in strong leadership in every walk of life. We all know what he’s talking about – SJW’s like the famous mangina, Will Smith, will get ‘teary’ because Trump called the already much-despised Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig.

‘Secretly everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up,’ notes Eastwood. ‘Everybody’s walking on eggshells. We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.’

Well, ProudBoy Magazine is gonna make Eastwood’s day. We kick the eggshells in the eye of the SJW by shamelessly promoting all the factors that have made the West the best, including manliness. But, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I kind of lost track of how many of the manly virtues of ProudBoy Eastwood would agree with.

So the only question is: Does he feel cucky?

Though registered as a Libertarian, that could mean a torrent of things in the current political climate. In the above interview, Eastwood replied ‘I don’t know what I am. I’m a little of everything.’ Even a little freedom-hating statist too, it would seem. Sadly, Eastwood falls over at the first hurdle. Well, anyone who claims to endorse Noam Chomsky, the darling of leftists the world over, is going to be a little pink.

It shouldn’t be too surprising then that, despite promoting firearms in almost every memorable movie role, Eastwood is for the disarmament of the people, commonly referred to as the nicer sounding ‘pro-gun control’. He once asked, ‘Why would anyone need or want an assault weapon?’ I don’t know Clint, why would terrorists want to use the same to slaughter Westerners in the streets? Why do mass-shooters travel to gun-control zones in order to carry out their attacks? Maybe I want one because their presence creates the safest urban environments on the planet.


So close and yet so far.

Even if my reason was simply ‘because they are cool’, it’s none of his business. How far would Clint take this desire to disarm me? Would he send men with the same assault rifles to my home, prepared to murder me in front of my family if I refused to relinquish my property? There’s your reason, Clint. I want an assault rifle because people like you exist and, what’s more, claim to be libertarian.

It would seem that Eastwood, despite having a reputation for possessing bigger balls than Genghis Khan, is not as dedicated to preserving the liberties of Western Civilization as the Proud Boys. It is ironic then that his given name reads as it does in all-caps. We believe responsibility should pass from the state to the individual, more and more, and that reversals of this, such as disarmament, must be resisted. In the fight against the dark forces of pussification, there can be no neutral party; no good, bad and ugly. Join us and help inspire Western chauvinism and bold-faced liberty.


Richard Storey LL.M is a teacher, blogger and host of the YouTube channel, That Libertarian Chap, aimed at promoting libertarianism and Western ideals in the UK. His work focuses on the socio-biological factors which gave rise to libertarian principles and institutions in the West, considerations for the future of the West and the establishment of a private law society. He has previously contributed to Ocean Drive from the Council of European Canadians and the Libertarian Alliance, and has interviewed prominent academics in the fields of Law, Psychology and Economics.


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