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Ron Stubbings // Proud Boy – Toronto, Canada. Like Gavin McInnes, I too grew up in suburban Canada. Growing up there meant that sometimes you were the bully, and...
It's a rough game

Ron Stubbings // Proud Boy – Toronto, Canada.

Like Gavin McInnes, I too grew up in suburban Canada.

Growing up there meant that sometimes you were the bully, and other times you would be bullied. Maybe “bully” is the wrong word? I mean it’s tossed around so liberally now that it’s lost its meaning. Actually, the “bully” was usually just an asshole that you tried to appease with humor. But that didn’t mean, at some point, you wouldn’t fight! A good old-fashioned fist fight.  What ever happened to boys being allowed to fight?

My brother is seven years older than me. We both played A level hockey in Toronto and, at times, shared jock straps. Hey, if you can’t put your bag into the same cloth covered plastic cup then you’re just not family! Anyway, I wouldn’t say my brother liked to fight. That would not be a fair representation of a young man who would go on to become The Deputy Chief of Police for the Toronto Police Service.

Indeed, he did not like to fight.

He fucking loved it! The punishment dolled out for a helmet off, gloves-dropped-and-on-the-ice, full-on-blood-snot-spit-and-teeth-left-to-be-swept-away, fist fight…well, what do you think? We’re talking 1979! The Cars, Joe Jackson, B52’s and The Police were on am radio. The penalty was 5 MINUTES IN THE BOX! Maybe two additional minutes for a minor penalty like roughing or “un-sportsmanlike conduct”!

Let’s move forward seven years!  Unlike my “calm and collected” brother, who is so docile and meek.  That is, until you put a hockey uniform on him.  I was only in two fights during my fourteen years of play.  Like a faggot I never even threw a punch!  Oh, but the other guy was suspended for ten games.  They were already preparing us to be pussies.

Girls, unlike boys, are just fucking cunts about fighting! In the 4th or 5th grade I used to get into fist fights the odd time.  Again, certain rules applied: No kicking, No kicking in the nuts for sure.  Just punch it out until the other kid is on the ground.  Sometimes the kid on the ground cried like a fag, but it didn’t matter.  You know why?  Because the next day that kid would be your pal again.

Back to the girls for a second

In the early grades girls are bigger than guys.  Maybe it’s just me but I can recall being “bullied” by these fucking big girls. For a young boy this created a real problem. We were taught “never hit a girl”! But these girls wanted to fight and this created other problems: If I kick her ass I’ll be deemed an asshole! If she kicks my ass I may as well move because everyone is going to call me a “fag”!

Now I’m in my late 40’s.

Basically my fighting is for parking spaces and lower rates on my car insurance. That said, I have a step-daughter. She’s 21 and brings guys around. I like most of these kids but I’m always shocked when I ask them: “Have you ever been in a fist fight?”. Even my nephew who is the greatest proud boy in the world has never been in a throw down fight!

So, before I allow these guys entry into my home they have to go through a ritual. I call it “meeting on the field of battle”. I force them to drink a shot and a half of vodka! Then they have to fight me in our living room. The rules of “no face, no nuts” are in effect, and when I say fight, I mean fight! I don’t hold back.

So what’s your point Ron? What’s the problem? I’m a 48 year old guy, these kids are in their fighting prime. Early 20’s come on! Young, dumb and full of cum. They should kill me. Currently in the “fighting boyfriend” department I’m 6 wins 0 losses! And these douches should know how to fight because she only dates Asians, and as a racist I know that Asians have to know kung-fu; for to not win in battle is to lose honor.

So who’s to blame for these guys being pussies?

It’s the big girls in the school yard when I was a kid. They went on to become school teachers, social workers, clergy, social justice hens! Enacting the zero tolerance policies where they don’t belong. Probably married to the cucks they beat up as kids!

How did we let this happen? It’s my generation that has “play dates” and “caged hockey helmets” with girls playing along with guys. We fagged out! So we currently live with the results.

I hope these kids realize they were robbed of fun. I see the spark in their eyes when I talk about how it was growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. Maybe some “proudboys” will say “fuck it…If that kid bugs you, punch him in the head”. You have to be allowed to be a boy before you can become a man.

Ron Stubbings “Proud Boy” Toronto. July 25, 2016



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