GorillaRadio.TV Responds To The Young Turds

ProudBoy's Alan J. Ericson was interviewed by a low energy manlet at the New Hampshire Trump rally. This is his response.

From Mediate:

At a Donald Trump campaign stop yesterday in Bedford, New Hampshire, Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks was called out for being “boring,” “annoying,” and “pretty short,” by a Trump supporter.

The man — identified as Alan John of Massachusetts — spoke with Chariton at the event at the NH Sportsplex yesterday, where the two discussed Trump’s economic policies and how they align with Making America Great Again.

When Chariton identified the perceptible lack of minorities that are seen at Trump rallies, John interrupted immediately, saying, “You’re boring me already.”


Alan Ericson is the Author of Barter 7: The Conspiracy to Assassinate Lil Wayne, creator of GorillaRadio.tv and writer for Proud Boy Magazine.

Alan is dedicated to health, nutrition, and renaissance.


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