Germany: Diagnosis of a Cuck

So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight!

Goodnight, Germany and farewell.  ‘Goodnight’ is the appropriate response for a country that’s barreling down the express lane to Hell and Hillary Clinton’s German stunt double is in the driver’s seat. Germany is steadily taking themselves to their graves and the United States is not that far behind. Especially if Hillary gets elected.


When I look at Germany’s trajectory, and even Sweden for that matter, only one word comes to mind in summation of these once proud people: Cucked.  The term has been used extensively in Proudboy Magazine’s Cuck of the Week to excoriate an individual of exemplary ‘cuck-ness’, providing readers with a current diagram of what ails western culture. Individual performances notwithstanding, nothing else comes close to when an entire nation state ‘cucks’ itself at the behest of cultures who are centuries behind the West in almost all virtues of a modern, societal construct.

This is cancer being injected directly into the bloodstream of the German people and it’s taking its toll faster than most would like to say out loud in public spaces throughout Germany.  

I must add, which is the worst part to Germany’s mutually-assured destruction, is the collective signature on the dotted line that authorized this nearly fatal procedure in the first place. Even the Dalai Lama had to go out of his way to speak up for a Continent he doesn’t even live in. If there’s one person that sees danger coming up ahead, it’s the Dalai Lama.

So, what are the signs of a Cuck?

You can go and find studies on the sick bastards who actually like to watch their significant others get dick-blasted from all angles by a domineering male figure, but we’re explicitly talking about the Cultural Cuck, the droves of generally mealy-mouthed beta-males orbiting college campuses and Europe who epitomize contrition at the altar of political correctness and virtue signals their own culture’s undoing. Cuck is more so a response to something greater, assumed to be inherently pathological to the body, vice a social movement or an emotional awakening. If you were to envision it was a medical prescription the doctor prescribes for you, the medical disclaimer would probably sound a little like this:

Introducing, “Cuck”. Now in pill form!  cuck

 This form of total surrender is used to treat liberal, white guilt caused by failed public schooling, poor parenting and/or Sons of Fathers who are ashamed of their heritage. It may also be used to treat entire populations affected by political corruption, in collusion with large media outlets that distort the truth.

Patients who have reported side effects of Cuck have noted the following:

— Permanent blindness caused by immense heat flashes from suicide bombers in once quiet cities across Europe

— Temporary loss of hearing from screaming refugees

— Cognitive dissonance towards threats from imminent danger (unless it’s from a straight, white, male)

Inability to speak or express feelings of anger or angst towards societal changes

— Faulty knees and joints due to preemptive surrender of cultural nuances

Irritability and vitriol towards those who disagree with you

— Failure to control arms or legs while attempting to fight back when provoked

Serious risk to life and in some cases, possibly even death

Patients who suddenly feel a sense of pride in themselves should immediately stop taking Cuck and pledge their allegiance to the closest symbol of cultural identity.  Cuck is not for everyone, as it has been proven to be a bad decision for Europe and in some places such as the United States. For emergency situations that occur while using Cuck, seek out First Responders, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Bikers, and rugged patriots for cathartic treatments of patriotism and stand up for yourself, you giant pussy.\


Born in Indiana but was raised in Connecticut and Virginia. Joined the United States Marine Corps in 2001 and spent 8 years visiting exotic places, meeting strange people and always having a plan to kill everyone he met along the way. Has (4) tours of combat under his belt, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now has a much calmer lifestyle with his wife, Cristina. Enjoys powerlifting, drinking whiskey, shooting guns in the (still) free state of Virginia and making liberals lose their fucking minds. You can reach him at @mattycakes0231 on Twitter.


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