Gender Blending is a Drug Sweeping The Nation

Worse than Heroin or that weird shit from Russia

Oh, man…

In the last two weeks, the New York Times has published two different but equally disturbing articles featuring anatomic males putting on heavy makeup, blurring the lines between masculinity and the hallmarks of distilled, feminine qualities that draw men, like myself, towards those of the opposite sex. The cognitive response men get towards attractive women is being tampered with, attributable to the Media’s incessant desire to exhibit unnatural gender-bending feats throughout social media platforms like Instagram and on YouTube Channels. It’s also obfuscating what is true and false when it comes to identifying unique, physical traits with either gender, thus trickling down and eventually affecting how the everyday man and woman view one another’s role within a relationship.

Watching this kind of behavior come from a ‘male’ reaches the same level of nauseating cringe for me as ISIS Execution Videos. It makes my stomach churn and I can only see so much before I have to look away.

Covergirl- HuffPo

Covergirl- HuffPo

If you’ve read most of the articles published through ProudBoy Magazine, you’ll see that the contributors don’t pull their punches when it comes to examining what’s truly fucked up with the social fabric of Western Culture and I personally don’t intend to either. Especially not with a subject such as this. In the Eternal Words of The Trailer Park Boys, this is fucked. In fact, this is beyond fucked. The discussion about associating structured roles with gender might have been a point of contention 30 years ago, but now we’ve moved on to plainly discussing the relevancy of what’s ‘normal’. There is something wrong here.

We Must Be On Drugs

This is stronger than some of the other designer drugs out there on the market right now: this is in its own category. Hardcore drug addicts will try and fight you with the same ole’ line about their dependency and ignore what’s really killing them. They’ll say it’s all done in moderation and they won’t let it get out of control. The fact is that no one individual can handle a slippery slope such as this when we’re talking about whether or not men should be shaping their eyebrows for a better look out in public. Even the US Air Force seems to have been walloped by this wave of reckless disregard now that they’re assigning different standards for those who can’t figure out if they want to be called ‘Eve’ or ‘Steve’ this week.  

Gender Blending Is The Drug That Cannot Be Controlled

Addicts and those who blur the lines between genders follow along similar dark paths: it starts in small doses and done in moderation (to some extent). It’s common among their respective social circles and performed in controlled environments. A little bit of heroin there, some eyeliner there, no big deal but the apogee of pure dependency is never noticed until it’s too late. At some point, the addiction takes over and begins making choices only to prolong the need for more of it; they are no longer in control of their own actions. That would explain the content found on


Milo Stewart

Heroin addicts will probably tell you they can handle it and they’re not in trouble of losing themselves to the drug. That’s the case until they’re handing out slap-jobs to taxicab drivers underneath the I-95 overpass at three in the morning and sharing the proceeds with a bi-sexual male prostitute named ‘Antonio’. It’s uncontrollable and has to be met with unwavering resolve fast before there aren’t any options left. Same goes for those with glitter beards and man buns. You’re not only hurting yourselves but the people around you that love you very much. You need an intervention and quickly.

Gender blending is fluid in nature. It’s fluid like a snake’s venom quickly passing through the bloodstream and rotting the body from the inside out. At first, it might be regarded with dismissive attitudes in lieu of those who donned their mother’s makeup and high heels when they were much younger. Soon enough, being well-groomed (i.e. purposefully having better hair and style than your woman) is no longer strong enough to keep them pacified.  Their pursuit for a stronger ‘high’ can only be satiated with foundation, dark eyeliner products from the Kardashians and soon enough they’re identifying as a vegan, non-binary, genderqueer, “foxkin” stocking up on more memes about 76 different genders than stocking the shelves at their edgy (but not too edgy) part-time job at Starbucks.

But just like the documentaries on Krokodil which shows the deadly effects of persistent use, gender blending has its own order of permanent damage to the corpus. Both seem irreversible once the user has consumed too much of it. Extended use of Krokodil dissolves flesh down to the bone just as gender blending appears to attack once-useful penises and renders them into brown, fleshy patches due to muscular atrophy. There is a ‘point of no return’ for those who forgo their primary responsibilities and identity as a man, creating a vacuum in the relationship and forcing the woman to perform duties that is well within the wheelhouse as the man. Don’t let this happen to you and make it your mission to be clearly male. Better yet, yearn back to an era when it was your duty to clearly be the strong male.

Be A Caveman In 2016

The identity and the role of the ‘man’ in the West has come a very long way since our ancestors lived in caves. They had very basic understandings of what was asked of them to survive the elements. Your caveman ancestor from 10,000 years ago was probably named something like Ugga.  Ugga didn’t give a flying fuck about what he looked like in the mirror or if he was perpetuating a toxic masculine environment in the workplace.


He woke up in the morning to a smoldering heap of embers, picked up his hunting spear and went out to find food for his cavewoman, Goonga and their cave-children. In 2016, we as men need to be a little more like Ugga and less like the androgynous SJWs who are trying to convince the world that gender no longer matters. Even if putting on a little makeup and looking like a woman has never crossed your mind for a single second, there is still culpability in not taking a stand against it for the good of all Mankind.

So Here We Are

The year is in its final leg, but there’s still plenty of time to halt the damage to your western male psyche before it comes to a close. Don’t like what’s being forced on you? You shouldn’t. No one should. Do something about it. Find some solid ground as to what it means to be a real man in 2016: grow up already, stop watching porn, invest the time it takes to enrich your relationship, take charge of what is clearly within your lane as the ‘man’ and be the provider your woman would like you to be. If nothing else, be Ugga.


Born in Indiana but was raised in Connecticut and Virginia. Joined the United States Marine Corps in 2001 and spent 8 years visiting exotic places, meeting strange people and always having a plan to kill everyone he met along the way. Has (4) tours of combat under his belt, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now has a much calmer lifestyle with his wife, Cristina. Enjoys powerlifting, drinking whiskey, shooting guns in the (still) free state of Virginia and making liberals lose their fucking minds. You can reach him at @mattycakes0231 on Twitter.


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