Gavin McInnes: Godfather of ISIS

It started innocently enough. Millions of young millennials, born into a world that had already forgotten about them, all listlessly rooting for the kind of guidance their parents didn’t...

It started innocently enough.

Millions of young millennials, born into a world that had already forgotten about them, all listlessly rooting for the kind of guidance their parents didn’t feel comfortable to give to them.  “Cool” had become a currency with which young people had established their own social pecking order for a few decades, but the rules had become so arcane that none but the high priests could dare to interpret the book of “Cool” to the more common language of the masses.

From heaven he made you hear his voice to discipline you. On earth, he showed you his great fire, and you heard his words from out of the fire.

The prophet appeared for the first time.  

VICE got off the ground, making it plain to people exactly what was and was not cool.  The hegemony of esoteric nihilism was finally given a decent challenge, at least in the realm of media.  It was a club that was much easier to get into, which was great for a generation terrified of commitment.  It was an upset to the old order and provided some much-needed optimism to the young masses.

The Hipster was born.

Thriving on challenging the “preconceived notions” of society-at-large, the Hipsters initially followed the teachings of the prophet, down to prescriptions on dress, rituals involving the use of psychoactive compounds to elicit transcendent states, and even courtship.  Having a weird beard and being ironic was fun and unconventional, at least for the moment.  Fashion finally got over whatever was going on in the ’90s.

I think every generation has to learn that history is mostly lies when it’s coming from vested interests, some take it better than others.  

The heat was turned up and the powers of darkness crept in.  Many turned from the prophet, even his own disciples when he really began to speak the truth.

Things got really dark, and the flock lost its way.  

Eventually many came to see Western civilization itself as the enemy, the very thing that had given them enough freedom to chose their own course in life was now seen as the cause of their misery.  For some, this sent them to some very extreme places.  Those wacky beards and ironic headscarves suddenly got very real.

The new face of terror isn’t some subsistence-farming Pashtun tribal with a 40-year beard and a large holding of camels.  Those stereotypes have been out of date for some time now.  Instead, the west has been onset by a surprisingly sophisticated and youthful enemy, striking from the shadows cast by the storm clouds of political correctness.  Entire communities in the west can get away with supplying, supporting, and hiding these malicious elements for years, simply because the authorities have deemed it unseemly to been seen enforcing the law among certain ethnic and religious groups.


Islamophobia isn’t cool, guys.  Just look at what VICE says.

The new Jihadi has a college degree.  They can maintain a decent job.  They can have parents that drink, smoke, and eat bacon, but they have gone full Hipster.  Embracing a radical regressive lifestyle, social structure, and political leaning is so in right now.  Just look at how big ISIS is on Twitter.

Now, obviously the prophet himself isn’t to blame for what happened, and much has been done since in the effort to restore balance to the force.  ISIS wasn’t started by these dedicated hipsters, but it appeals to them for a particular reason, they also want to be proud of their boy

photo_2016-09-19_03-44-23Dedication to tradition, conventional wisdom, conservatism, the re-evaluation and consideration of religion, they share these aspirations, but now exercise them following a false prophet.  The chaos that followed the challenge to the status quo has thrown the window wide open for the backwards parts of their ideology to fly right under the social radar.

Just like a mass-murdering racist became a mass-market symbol for radical progressives, any pile of shit ideas can be persuasive in the right hands.

So if you live in the west and you’re thinking about joining up with ISIS, just know, it’s never too late to turn back towards the light.  It will save you a lot of grief and ritual decapitations.



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