First Day Proud: Kill Your Beta-Self, Be a Man

There’s a man right now. He isn’t really a man. He doesn’t act like a man, talk like a man, or know the things a man should know. Technically yes,...

There’s a man right now. He isn’t really a man. He doesn’t act like a man, talk like a man, or know the things a man should know.

Technically yes, he has a penis. Though me and my tranny friends might agree; a cock doesn’t necessarily make you a man. The man I speak of has opinions he thinks are bold.   They also happen to be those his friends will never challenge him on.

He listens to most bands ironically, and considers himself a feminist.   So he’s surprised that he isn’t getting laid.  When a girl does take pity and fuck him, he telegraphs every move with things like “Is it okay if I touch your breasts now?”.  He’s a proud hashtag activist.  Probably wearing flip-flops RIGHT NOW! He brags about how often he cries.  Hates working with his hands.  Has a useless college degree.  LOVES Bernie.  Still dependent on at least one parent.

Sound Familiar?

The jocks fucked the girl he liked, so all he can do was complain about how “insecure” they must be. Followed swiftly by desperately telling the girl something like “if you just want to friends that’s what I’ll be, because I’d rather have you in my life then out of it” (Pardon me, I just have to run to the nearest toilet.) He’s  typical, American, young-adult, white, self-loathing, hipster, beta-male trash.  He’s sorry about that.

He has no clue what it is, but he’s certain he did something wrong, as evidenced in his sheer existence.

For this in particular, he is very fucking sorry. He’s not happy either. We have to recognize that there are plenty of confused males told to ignore every natural instinct they had to grow, and instead stayed castrated boys forever.  There is a vast, untapped, well of beta-males who will never know another way.  If they could be trained, they could easily become competent men.

If you’re a man between the ages of fifteen and thirty, you were likely taught in a school full of curriculums that have been pulled and twisted to emphasize things like “diversity” and “feminism” over facts.  Mathematical realities, logic, reason, and real history are sacrificed at these alters.  We have an entire generation of men and women who are confused and frustrated because they were taught wrong.

There is a good chance that you may have parents or relatives that have even been caught up in this postmodern confusion without knowing it.  We’ve been taught to ignore common sense and natural inclination in order to support certain narratives of how things “ought to be”.  Large schools of thought exist in academia that resent the free market and the power of the individual.

Those that adhere to this brand of thinking seem to KNOW what’s best for all of us and can not abide descent to the group will which is known as “cultural Marxism”. They believe that by regulating culture, controlling language, and forcing their version of “equality” they can force human societies to their utopian fantasy standards.

I first became aware of my own inclination to cultural weakness in my mid-twenties.  Having these concepts challenged left me confused and frustrated.  I was the kind of guy who rarely went outside.  Eating terribly.  Hating manual labor.  I could justify being broke by telling myself that anyone who cared about making more money was an asshole.  I spent a lot of time resenting alpha-males who were leaving pecker tracks all over the girls I “just wanted to cuddle”.  All while I was confused and friend-zoned.  The only thing I knew for sure, was that something was fucked up.

So, for those of you who may be reading this, wearing a kooky t-shirt in your mom’s basement after whacking it, not knowing where to begin taking control of your life; here are some tips on being a better man:

Step One: Organize & Stylize

Clean your fucking room.  It’s one of the first things outlined in Mike Kennedy’s book Knockout: A Manual for Success, which I can’t recommend enough.  Part of being a man is having a system for everything.  If you’re a late starter you may feel like you don’t have your shit together at all.  Just this small step can get you started tonight.

Throw out a lot of stuff while you’re at it: I’m talking clothes, shoes, papers, DVDs.  All of the bullshit that’s been cluttering your life for god-knows-how long.  You don’t need it.   It’s gross.  Trim it down.  This will make your life easier to manage immediately.

I’ll never forget this hot girl that I took home once.  She commented on “all the garbage” in my apartment.  She meant my stuff.  My awful, awful, stuff.  It was embarrassing that the collection of shit that I thought was so precious was trash in a hot girl’s eyes.

Adults have clean rooms. A left wing man-baby has a messy rooms because his helicopter mom was on deck to clean up after them him his entire life.

That and they think having a shoe collection is quirky and cool.  Chicks have lots of shoes.  While we’re there, the average man needs four pairs of shoes maximum: a pair of sneakers (Classic Vans, Converse, PF Flyers and no whacky colors), some boots (fucking Doc Martens, Timberland, Motorcycle boots, Clarks Desert Boots), some dress shoes (Anything without a square toe), and one Miscellaneous pair.  Any more than that and you’re probably trying to match your skirt.

One of the rules I have with t-shirts is “No band shirts unless you know the band personally”.  Also, the advertising space on your chest is a hot commodity; if you have a design, make sure it’s a business you frequent.  My Katz’s Deli t-shirt is a good example.  Be a good capitalist and support businesses you actually use.  They can use the help.  Then all you need is some stylish dress shirts, jeans, two suits, and a pair of slacks, one hoodie, a light jacket, one heavy jacket (leather or army).  It will feel like what Oprah would call “liberating”.  Get rid of your baby clothes and start looking like a grown up.  Stop making excuses.

Step Two: House & Home

Our grandfathers killed Nazis.  They had union jobs.  Most were married with at least one kid and a fucking mortgage by the time they were 22.  When did you, or even most guys you know, leave your parents house?  If you’re disappointed in yourself, you are on the right track.  It’s not just you, 32% of millennials have their folks take care of them.  Our grandfathers were told to be men and take risks.  Life was too short and polio might get you.

My grandfather left high school at 17 to join the Navy and fight in WWII.  He rebuilt his own house and grew his own tomatoes to establish ginny dominance over the rest of New Jersey.  He figured out how to fix anything before YouTube tutorials.  When he got mad he could stare the yellow off your teeth.  We’ve become too soft, fat, and comfortable.

Get uncomfortable. Figure out how to live somewhere you can be proud of. Not your mom’s place and not a shit hole. I recommend the hood. Yes, the hood.

Three reasons:

  1. It’s affordable. There’s recently rebuilt and renovated house and multi bedroom apartments practically brand new for cheap
  2. The shitty ones give you a chance to learn how to fix shit yourself and put on your personal touches
  3. You SHOULD live around grit. It’s good for you to see how fucked up people can live.

There’s a reason why white voters who live in black neighborhoods vote for Trump.  Let gentrification work for you.  You’ll be surprised what little effort it takes to have the best house on the block in a bad neighborhood.  Make a bad neighborhood better.  In addition, you’ll get used to conflict, violence, and sharpen your “fight or flight” instincts.

Make it the house from training day.

You can bring girls back to your place and make her feel safe through the jungle nights.  Your place should always be nicer than your girl’s.  In fact, when you get a girl (we’ll get to that) let her decorate it.  They love doing that shit.  After your relationship ends, it’ll still look awesome for the next girl.  You can have the coolest house in the world but if you’re taking a girl to your mom’s place, you’re a loser.  End of story.

Until you can buy a house, rent a house.  If you can’t afford it, get roommates (I recommend people who make more money than you).  You can’t get any worse than two broke-ass roommates.  Who stare at each other wondering who’s going to keep the internet on.  It’s always better to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, richer than you, and you can learn from, plus you can mooch food from them while you save money and get your shit together.



PawL Bazile was born in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1984. He grew up in a middle-class suburban Italian American family and studied Theater Arts, Literature, and Filmmaking in New York City. He self educates in Science and History regularly. He made his 1st short film when he was 14 and received an honorable mention from Kean University. Since then he has written, produced and directed dozens of short films and completed an award winning feature length documentary LIVING THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (2011) with punk rock and metal legends including members of the Misfits, Bill Ward of Black Sabbath and Peter Steele of Type O Negative. Currently he is making the motorcycle documentary SAVAGE which will discuss the life of his murdered uncle. Pawl Bazile has performed comedy, poetry, and spoken word. He has also acted in films and appeared in plays off Broadway. PawL regularly contributes to SugarBuzz Magazine and is a regular contributor for Proud Boys Magazine. Pawl Bazile currently runs a media company called New Measure Productions and lives in a dangerous neighborhood.
  • jmaks1648

    fuck it im cleaning my room

  • Reality

    Need more of a wardrobe than that. Some of us go to the gym or play sports. Also, camo jackets are fucking gay. Especially if you live in a big city.

  • Chelsea

    Like Clint Eastwood just said, stop being the pussy generation.

  • Mack Dozzer

    At 19 I was a disgusting fat body so I read men’s health and gave myself 2 years to look like the guy on the cover. At 22 started a business at 28 bought a house at 31 built a vacation home. At 37 graduated college while still running a buissness. To say I have ZERO sympathy for 20 somethings is a understatement. If a homeless fat bum with no high school diploma could do it anyone can. These so called ” Men ” are cuckafied bitch boys who need safe spaces and Starbucks. It’s time to be ruthless too the cucks among us

  • Michael Greathouse

    Definition of OVERCOMPENSATION: excessive reaction to a feeling of inferiority, guilt, or inadequacy leading to an exaggerated attempt to overcome the feeling.

  • You sound like an absolute beta cuck. If you need to set hard rules on how to behave in order not to be a cuck, then you are probably meant to be a beta cuck. You sound like those awful people writing out supposedly inspiring posts on how to be creative; if you need some asshole to teach you how to become creative, then you will probably never be creative no matter how hard you try. You probably feel like you are part of the Fight Club and project all your needs onto it because you are socially awkward and wrongly believe you will gain acceptance by overcompensating – but in the end you act exactly like the kid you used to be, asking hot girls in his High School if they want him to do their homework, wrongly thinking they will end up liking him.

    Conclusion – stop trying too hard to be a tough guy when you likely will never be and act like the person you are genuinely comfortable being (may be a well-meaning but beta cuck).

    • Have now read the article in its entirety. My above comment is still accurate but I’m now also thinking you might actually be retarded.


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