Finally, a Nordic Non-Cuck

Europe is a continent gone ass-over-teakettle.
The Sweden Democrats are dominating the national polls.

Europe is a continent gone ass-over-teakettle.

Muslim demographics in Europe.

Muslim demographics in Europe.

Despite a slew of terrorist attacks and eye-opening data highlighting that most Euro Mohammedans don’t give a damn about Western values, there seems to be an entrenched commentariat that just won’t give up on the “religion of peace.” Call it “globalism a-go-go,” or simply nod and think that our supposed betters hate white working-class males more than suicide bombers, but there’s something deeply rotten in Denmark.

Scandinavia is particularly rank with multicultural lunacy. In Sweden, also known as the “rape capital of Europe,” ISIS recruits openly at employment centers, with the most cited example being the city of Malmo, which just so happens to have a non-Swedish majority population. Worse still, the Swedish government is in favor of giving returning ISIS veterans psychological counseling and job opportunities. You can find the West’s decline in such treatment, for loyal and patriotic Swedish veterans, many of whom saw combat in Afghanistan, often aren’t afforded these niceties.

When it comes to modern Scandinavia, no story of cultural cuckoldry is even remotely interesting anymore. By 2020, expect the meatball-munching betas of Stockholm and Copenhagen to be successfully enrolled in self-decapitation courses taught exclusively in Arabic. Hey, at least nobody will call them racists, especially when they’re dead.

In the midst of such pessimism, some bright spots are shining through. The Swedish Democrats, who were once derided as Quislings with iPhones, are resoundingly popular due to their hardline stance against the country’s insane immigration policies. Earlier this year in Denmark, lawmakers passed a sweeping bill to give Danish authorities the right to seize monetary assets up to $1,453 from asylum seekers. From the media fallout, you’d think the Danes just decided to bring back the witch trials. This is Bernie Sanders’s favorite economic model, after all how could they be so cruel?

Recently, Norway entered into the fray by gracing Scandinavia with a Proud Boy in blue. In a written response to a pro-migrant opinion piece in the daily newspaper Haugesunds Avis, Police Inspector Thomas Utne Pettersen made the completely logical, yet verboten statement that xenophobia isn’t such a bad thing. Although “Dirty Harry with a Taste for Herring” Pettersen had to make the mandatory concession that rich Western nations have an “ethical and moral obligation” to offer a hand to the less fortunate denizens of the globe, he nevertheless opened his fusillade by pointing out that migrants from places like Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq have a nasty habit of committing more crimes than the native population.

Immigrants and asylum seekers made up 2,200 out of the 2,600 detainees in 2015, Pettersen said. Furthermore, in a Norwegian prison with the phlegmy name of Ullersmo, non-Norwegians were half of the entire population. Of those inmates, most are drug dealers, vandals, or petty thieves, while a shockingly high number are guilty of sex crimes. According to a study conducted in the capital city of Oslo in 2015, 9 out of 10 perps who were convicted of violence against children were immigrants.

Look, in the wake of Cologne and the subsequent cover-up sponsored by Angela Merkel’s government, it’s becoming harder and harder to keep the truth about Europe’s new neighbors out of sight and mind. Unfortunately, nobody in power seems to be doing much about it yet. Even after the general public became aware of the grooming gangs of Rotherham, the South Yorkshire Police, who did nothing to stop the widespread rape of white girls for fear of the dreaded “R word,” are still sitting on their hands as the “grooming” continues. The fact that Pettersen is seen as a red-meat reactionary for simply telling the truth is evidence of Europe’s cultural rot.

At least it’s a step in the right direction. More honest cops in Scandinavia could do wonders for all those locals who have to live near drug-infested refugee shelters that experience a year’s worth of sexual assaults in a month.
Who knows, maybe the next Nordic non-cuck will suggest arming patrolmen or even go so far as to suggest that cops should enforce the law in Muslim no-go zones.

Wew lads.



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