How Feminists Created Bastards

Feminists have ostensibly created an environment in which there is no longer a reward for chastity or a benefit to chivalrous men.

Feminists have ostensibly created an environment in which there is no longer a reward for chastity or a benefit to chivalrous men. As usual, when leftist policies dictate societally acceptable behavior, everyone loses.

There is a high moral reward for anyone who is selective in who they decide to procreate and share financial obligations with, but the state makes it financially beneficial for a woman to “thug ‘em, fuck ‘em, love ‘em, leave ‘em,” as Hillary Clinton’s non-profane buddy Jay-Z would say.

How do I make this claim when being married gives you a bigger tax deduction, doesn’t require you to pay child support or alimony, and allows you to have an “unpaid” extra set of hands for child care, cooking, and cleaning? As the saying goes, “it’s cheaper to keep her,” right? It might or might not be depending on her spending habits, but a woman benefits financially from having children out of wedlock, especially considering only 11 percent of single fathers do not pay child support.

A woman who is married generally has a line of accounting back to her husband, and vice versa.

By design, the two of them would each put their household requirements ahead of their own vices, but where is that line of accounting when a woman leaves a man and takes children with her? Or even worse, when she uses one of the state’s many avenues to have the man removed from his own family? At that point she might not only receive direct, tax-free income from the man she abandoned (she doesn’t claim the money as income, and if she is the custodial parent she could also be entitled to take the child tax credit every single year), but she’s also eligible for an avalanche of government assistance including rent, college tuition, health care, WIC (USDA program to provide food stamps to pregnant women and children up to five), direct welfare payments, along with assistance paying her energy bills.

What a deal! No wonder women initiate 70 percent of divorces.Why sit around and deal with his odd sense of humor and tendency to fart in bed? And what a double fuck to the man who is paying ridiculously high taxes to support these social programs, and cutting a child support check.

At what point does, “I am a woman! I can do anything a man can do!” clash with, “the government will literally do everything you can’t do on your own since you couldn’t make your relationship work?” It never will because both policies are dictated by women, so they don’t have to make sense.

Feminists have coerced parents into thinking they must brainwash little girls into believing they are princesses to be doted over, who deserve to be placed on a pedestal by men, and any man who doesn’t do so doesn’t deserve them.

You’d think that would lead to men treating all ladies like delicate flowers. Unfortunately, that ideology runs in stark contrast to feminists operating under the guise that women are equal to men in every way and don’t need a man for anything. So they’ve created this odd battle where you’re an asshole if you don’t give them a storybook romance, and even if you do, they don’t need you, so it’s irrelevant. Why do I need to be placed on a pedestal and treated soft and delicate, if I am capable of taking care of myself?

Don’t you dare treat me like a soft flower, but if you don’t I have a license to be a bitch! I can raise this kid without you, but I better get that check on the first of the month!

Pre-1973 states were allowed to exempt fathers from paying child support for illegitimate children (and Texas did just that). Essentially the idea was that a man was responsible financially for children conceived within his marriage, but bastard kids were on their own. The benefit being, that women would be discouraged from risking illegitimate pregnancy if she thought there was a chance the man wouldn’t stick around, plus the added bonus of discouraging women from sleeping with married men. This was state-sponsored slut-shaming at it’s finest!

Then in 1973, the Supreme Court ruled in Gomez v. Perez (409 U.S. 535) that this violated the 14th Amendment. One statistic explains how disastrous this change in policy has been: in 1960, only 4 percent of single mothers had never been married before, but now over 45 percent of all single mothers have never been married.

Forty percent of all births in the United States are now out of wedlock (72 percent of black babies are born out of wedlock; 53 percent of all Hispanic babies are born out of wedlock, and 29 percent of all white babies are born out of wedlock) according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,, and it’s no coincidence that 90 percent of all child support paid is by men. Women have essentially been convinced from birth that they have absolutely no responsibility to choose a man who will be responsible because she is an independent badass capable of doing it all on her own, and no matter what happens, the state will force him to pay her with the threat of going to prison (oh, the irony of being raped for not paying after consensual sex!) along with subsidizing every other aspect of her and the baby’s existence.  

On top of that, there are absolutely zero checks and balances on how the money is spent. As the poet laureate of our time, Kanye West once said, “she was supposed to buy your shorty Tyco with your money; she went to the doctor and got lipo with your money.”

How many of you have a Facebook friend who works part-time at a shitty job, lives rent-free in her parent’s home with her kids, has a nice car, her hair and nails are done, and she has no problem posting memes about how badass single moms are? Newsflash, you’re not badass if Grandma is raising your kids.


The idea of child support is to give the child the same standard of living regardless of which home he happens to be in.

In high-profile cases, this stands to reason to the untrained eye. When Tiger Woods got divorced after being wildly unfaithful, it would seem unfair that the kids would have a roller coaster in the backyard at Dad’s house and live in a one-bedroom loft when they were with Mom (whose life experience consisted of modeling, being a nanny, and fucking Tiger Woods). Why would they ever want to be at Mom’s house?

Upon further review, not only does this neglect the fact that she got a large divorce settlement and wouldn’t be living in a loft, but it also neglects that the kids would still have a fucking roller coaster either way, and it’s supposed to be about the kids, right? But if women are capable of doing anything a man can do, why should the man have to provide for his kids when they are with him, and provide the same quality of life for them when they are with his ex? Isn’t she an independent woman capable of doing anything he can do?

Go get endorsed by Nike and win the Masters a few times if you want the roller coaster! Surely there has to be some responsibility on the mom to provide for these kids. This example is extreme, but extrapolate it out to the average man. Let’s say you and your neighbor are both divorced. You each have two kids: a boy and a girl. The kids are the same age, same size, go to the same school, and play the same sports.They have similar diets, no health concerns, and your exes are coworkers making the same salary. If you make $225,000 a year, and your buddy makes $50,000, you’re going to pay twice as much child support as him. Why? Why do your kids require twice as much money to live than his kids? They have the same life, but you make more money than your neighbor, so your wife “deserves” more on your children’s behalf?

Surely by any measure, this sounds more like a punishment of the non-custodial male than it does support the child. And that’s exactly how the feminists want it. It is not about supporting a child; it is about subtracting quality of life (in the form of wealth) from a man and giving it to a woman in the interest of equality.

As Milton Friedman said, “the only way in which you can redistribute, effectively, the wealth, is by destroying the incentives to have wealth.”

This holds true in both taxation and child support, and make no mistake, in both situations the state doesn’t care about your quality of life or your ability to pay, they just expect you to bend over and take some equality. Therein lies the death of chivalry. The state has decided that the ball is in the women’s court regardless of how terrible she is, and regardless of how chivalrous you might be.

If a woman cheats on you with 10 men and empties your bank account while you’re working 12-hour days to put food on the table, you’re still going to pay her for 18 years. So she is rewarded for getting knocked up and you’re on the hook even if you’re a perfect gentleman. By design feminists and liberals go out of their way to create bastards and single mothers dependent on the system, thereby increasing their voting bloc. One hand washes the other, feminists do everything possible to create bastards, then these single moms vote Democrat for fear of losing their benefits. Some of these kids grow up in a system that convinces them police officers hate them and they have no future, then the liberal politicians write legislation and regulation that benefits the feminists and keeps these poor kids poor.

Twenty-five percent of all households with children under 18 are run by single moms; 46 percent of all single moms are under the age of 30, and 40 percent are black. These feminists have literally created a factory generating reliable Democrat voters. This is not a coincidence.

So as a Proud Boy, what is the solution? Clearly, the retroactive solution is to not get anyone pregnant randomly, be selective, and marry a good woman who appreciates what it means to have a good man, and who will embrace being a housewife worthy of the veneration that comes with being a Proud Boys’ Girl. This carries with it the responsibility of truly respecting your wife, and valuing her around the house, because if you just shit on her, and take every opportunity to convince her that what she does is easily replaceable, all you’re doing is justifying the crap that feminists and liberal talking heads have been feeding her since birth. Half of her friends constantly reassure her that being a housewife is “the hardest job on earth,” and the other half either tell her, “I couldn’t do it!” or “I don’t know how you do it!”

You have to resist the urge to feed into either of these ideas.

Her value isn’t just in cooking and cleaning or transporting kids, but in providing a stable family for your kids and neighbors and extended family to strive for. It’s rare these days, and the state has a carrot on the stick luring her to leave. It’s a mistake to try to convince her that she can’t do better financially, this is impossible because everyone wants more money. But you can convince her that emotionally she won’t be better off without you, you make her a queen by being a king, value her opinion, make sure she knows she’s beautiful, and make sure she orgasms, and she will reward you.

Now for many of you, this is no longer an option.

Whether you had an accidental pregnancy with the wrong girl, fucked up your marriage, or just had what Hillary called a “bimbo eruption,” you still have a responsibility today. None of us are better by providing excuses for not being responsible or enabling other Proud Boys to be shitty men. There is something about the Founding Fathers choosing to pledge their sacred honor to one another being key to the Western Way. We clearly cannot count on the state to do anything to free us of these chains, so it is on us.

Hold your fellow Proud Boys to a high standard. If you have kids, raise them right! Teach your boys what it means to be a man, make sure you change your own damn oil and he’s under the truck watching. He isn’t going to be worth a damn if all dad does is play video games and debate fantasy football. You can’t guarantee he will be a stud, but you can’t let him be a pussy. Make sure he can change a tire, and doesn’t mind getting dirty. Make sure he knows that being a man is an honor, and teach him about the Founding Fathers, and how to defend himself. Teach him the value of a good woman so he knows how to judge them later in life, and for fuck’s sake teach him how to debate. He needs to know that being offended is not grounds to end debate, that’s why we have freedom of speech.

For you poor SOBs who have daughters, teach them that their value isn’t measured by their career, or how much their handbag costs.

Make sure they know that it’s perfectly fine to be soft and compassionate and that they might not be able to do everything a man can do, but they have the ability to do something that no man can do. If your friend has split custody of his kids, and he’s leaving the kids with his parents or a babysitter so he can go out every weekend, you need to ostracize him for it. Societal pressure is what used to keep women from having kids outside of marriage, and it’s not a bad thing.

The feminists and the state have removed those societal pressures, we can’t bring those back. But it’s our obligation to raise up the next generation of Proud Boys and Proud Boys’ Girls. The only way to change the future of politics and grow your base is to actually grow a base. If there’s one thing that’s clear from the 2016 presidential election, it’s that people want change, and the establishment will do anything to stop it. As Andrew Breitbart said, politics are downstream from culture, and it is possible to change the culture.



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