Feminism Is Ruining Men

Women don’t know what they want (shocking I know), but it seems it’s only gotten worse with feminism. Western society made it so easy for them: find a man,...

Women don’t know what they want (shocking I know), but it seems it’s only gotten worse with feminism. Western society made it so easy for them: find a man, poop out a baby, raise said baby, wait for your man to get home, make another. With feminism, society has scorned the housewife, it has made it look unattractive, and that if you’re genuinely a happy housewife, then you’re a failure.

Fuck that.

The modern feminist has started a campaign of becoming “a free spirited women who doesn’t need a man”. Because of this indoctrination that feminists are spewing, the freshman girls coming into college have no clue what to do around men. They think finding a boyfriend or a husband in college is wrong and for some reason they need to wait. They’ve also been brainwashed (usually by taking GWS 100) that being a slut, wearing next to no clothes, and pretending to have a mental disorder is completely normal.

It’s not.

Do you know how many girls I’ve talked to who have some sob story about how “they used to have an eating disorder and they’re so happy now that they’re healthy”? Too many. Bitch, you’re fat, and looked better when you were convincing yourself that dieting was a disorder.

College women are crazier than ever and the ending result of this diverges into two paths that greatly affect men.

They buy into the nonsense that men are evil. They spew flames and scare off all decent men until there are only beta males left. The beta males will lap this shit up thinking this is the ‘right’ way to think and will literally (not figuratively) worship their vaginas. These fags participate in events like ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’, hoping desperately to gain enough +beta points+ to purchase one sexual intercourse from the feminist shop.

Spoiler: it never fucking happens, at most they’ll let you eat them out.

The second option, which in my opinion is far worse and far more detrimental to society, is a sort of culture that is created that backfires on the feminists. See, those alpha males never went away, but feminists banished them and instead of society molding them into upstanding members of society, they became douchebags. Feminists convince these impressionable girls that being a vicious slut is empowering and is taking a stance on female sexuality. These douchebags take advantage of this, bang these sluts and throw them away, making them worth no more than the tissues that littered my room before I joined #NoWanks.

Dude, stop.

There is a culture out there that is destroying everything our fathers worked so hard to build.

Feminists have destroyed already what it means to be a man and made us feel ashamed for it. Now they’ve run out of scapegoats and are targeting the only thing left: other women. These feminazi bitches are on a social media witch hunt and are brewing a dangerous cocktail of “Free the Nipple”, fake rape stories, and really bad body mass indexes.

So we know feminists are destroying our country, culture, and our way of life. Got it. What can we do?

I’m rooting for the third option. That’s where you guys come in, the Proud Boys. Don’t become either option 1 or option 2, but instead, become option 3.

The third option is being the alpha male you were meant to be – be strong, protective, and stand up for your rights to be a man. Don’t let some pussy who serves you coffee while paying off a liberal arts degree tell you that your opinion is wrong. Fuck that guy. He’s a pussy, and you’re not.

Sitting on your ass in defiance to this is about as effective as being a male feminist. It doesn’t work. Start fighting back, start speaking out against this cuckoldry, and start being proud that you are, in the words of AIDS Skrillex, a fucking white male.



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