FAKE NEWS: CNN Says Trump Not Asking Mexico to Pay for Wall

Latest disingenuous story from CNN ignores Trump transition team statements.

CNN is reporting that the Trump transition team has signalled to Republican congressional leaders that the wall will be paid for through the appropriations process as early as April, as opposed to being paid for by Mexico.

CNN goes on to claim:

“The move would break a key campaign promise when Trump repeatedly said he would force Mexico to pay for the construction of the wall along the border.”

But does it? In the same article, CNN embeds a video of Kellyanne Conway – the first woman to run a victorious presidential campaign – being interviewed live, where she clarified the President elect’s position:

‘Congress is investigating the possibility of paying for it to make it more speedy, and then having Mexico to pay for it after the fact…Mr Trump has always been very clear nothing has changed. He’s building a wall, Mexico will pay for it’.

Trump has previously clarified that it is likely that Mexico will be required to pay the United States back for the construction of the wall. It will be no easy feat for Trump to convince the nation’s government to commit to spending the $8 billion that he claims the border wall will cost, but the transition team – and his 63 million voters – want to see construction begin as soon as possible.

The funds for the wall have already been appropriated, too, according to Rep. Louie Gohmer, who stated during a Fox & Friends interview that “It’s amazing what you can get Congress to do when you lead and push them in the right direction”.


  • Jeanne DeSilver

    There’s more than one way for Mexico to pay for the wall: 1) Fees on Visas. 2) Trade Tariffs. 3) No welfare to illegals. 4) Use Seized Drug Cartel Assets, etc.

  • Norman Jonah

    Misses the point: the WALL is “going to be paid for by Mexico.” The remittances sent to Mexico top $50B/year. Trade in NAFTA is biased toward Mexico, etc. A 5% remittances tax, quite nominal, would provide $2.5B/year to build the Wall.(5% is now lower than most States’ sales taxes.)

    • chewtoy2016

      There are plenty of ways to pay for this thing. Maybe if they had been better neighbors we wouldn’t have needed to go to this extreme but oh well.

  • chewtoy2016

    They are desperate for anything to stick to the wall. They’ve been outed as shills

  • Mark Emarc

    trump made it clear. fuck cnn


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