Even Montreal Had Retarded ‘Not My President’ Protests

With anti-Donald Trump protests across the United States making headlines, it seems like Canadian cities want to get in on the action. Events are taking place in Toronto and...

With anti-Donald Trump protests across the United States making headlines, it seems like Canadian cities want to get in on the action. Events are taking place in Toronto and Vancouver with signs that read, “NOT MY PRESIDENT” (yeah, you’re Canadian, dipshits) and “LOVE TRUMPS HATE,” – and seeing how borderline retarded the young liberal protesters looked, I couldn’t wait to join in on the fun.

The city I live in, Montreal, was preparing for a protest, and I was excited.

I armed myself with only a double-sided Trump sign, one face reading “WE MUST ALL ROOT FOR DONALD TRUMP’S SUCCESS” (which is a quote that Obama had given the day after the election) and the other side read, “LATINOS FOR TRUMP.”

I have a nice edge when I debate Lefties because I’m from Brown Town, so their entire world of identity politics is crushed when they see a brown guy not supporting the Left. That is of course despite 30 percent of the Hispanic vote going to Donnie T.

The rally started with a small crowd of students holding signs that read things like “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and “PUSSIES GRAB BACK.” I’d stepped into enemy territory. As more people showed up, more and more young liberal arts students gave me dirty looks and begin to frame me as the strawman they love to hate. It’s tough to be the transphobic, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynist pig in the crowd, but apparently, I was the only fuckin’ guy in the entire city of Montreal who decided to go and represent the other side of the story.

When the event really kicked off, the crowd was even smaller than I’d expected.

Low voter and protest turnout. At least they’re consistent.

A lady walked up with a megaphone and formally began the event by spewing some vomit about feminism and liberal acceptance. What followed was an open mic of opinionated ‘Democratic’ retards regurgitating the same talking points they picked up from their Facebook and Twitter feeds. This wasn’t just an anti-Trump event; it was a religious gathering of faggy wannabe intellectuals.

One after another, someone hopped on stage and gave talks about how they were afraid; how the patriarchy was running rampant; and how the rights of every minority were in jeopardy. After hearing retarded hyperbole after retarded hyperbole, I didn’t think it could get any worse. Then, the Master of Faggy Opinions (MOFO for short), a straight white Concordia student, gave his opinion to everybody.

“Um, I’d like to say something to address, uh, an issue that I think hasn’t always been talked about as clearly as it should. The responsibility of straight and cis-gender white boys, for the most part, who throughout the United States right now, we see being increasingly radicalized.”

Oh son of a mother fuck, here it is. The granddaddy of them all. The MOFO. This was a level of autistic Leftism I wasn’t totally prepared for, and thankfully I had my camera out to capture the whole speech.

It’s worth noting that he got a huge applause at the end. For a little while, I’d thought that alternative media was working wonders with young people, and that the pro-feminist, language-police culture was at least dying off. Trump being the President-elect is hopefully a sign that the tides are turning, and that the culture wars have shifted. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no matter how shitty it is. But when the truth is covered up by media narratives and promoted by social media, we all have to remember that there’s still a long fight to be fought against this pseudo social justice.


Born and raised in south Detroit in the Canadian city of Windsor, Ontario, Roberto Wakerell-Cruz packed his bags and moved to Montreal this year at age 20. Being a young conservative in the most liberal city in North America, he’s started documenting the lunacy of the Left from behind enemy lines. He can be reached on Twitter @dreadcruz.


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