UK Electoral Commission Deems ‘Free Speech’ an ‘Offensive’ Term

  As you’ve probably already read here on ProudBoy, I am running for election. I’m standing in the Batley and Spen by-election, campaigning on the issues of mass immigration...


As you’ve probably already read here on ProudBoy, I am running for election. I’m standing in the Batley and Spen by-election, campaigning on the issues of mass immigration and the rape of innocent young girls by Muslim gangs. The election is likely just weeks away – an official date still has not been set – and I have been contacted by the UK Electoral Commission, who informed me that my official slogans have been deemed ‘offensive’ and will not therefore be allowed on the ballot paper.


Every candidate in British elections is allowed to have a six-word slogan on the ballot paper. This slogan can be used to show the party name, a party description, or both. My slogan, which included the words ‘free speech’, has been deemed offensive and will not be printed on the ballot paper.





The following press release has been sent to UK and US media, which shows exactly what the Electoral Commission deemed offensive.




British Electoral Commission Deems Free Speech “Offensive”


The UK Electoral Commission has banned political party Liberty GB from using the slogan “Western civilisation, British culture, free speech” on ballot papers because, they claim, the slogan is “offensive” and could “impact on voters” in the upcoming Batley and Spen by-election. Liberty GB’s Jack Buckby recently announced his candidacy for the by-election, which was triggered by the murder last June of constituency Labour MP Jo Cox.


In a letter to the party dated 23rd August 2016 [attached] Legal Counsel for the Commission Bob Posner explained the decision as follows:


“I am writing to inform you that under the Commission’s duty to maintain the register of political parties, descriptions and emblems in accordance with the requirements of the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA), we have conducted a review of your party identifiers. This has resulted in some of your party descriptions being removed from the register for reasons of not meeting the statutory requirements of s.28A PPERA.


“The review was carried out as part of the Commission considering the register in the context of the forthcoming Bately [sic] and Spen UK Parliamentary by-election (date to be announced), taking into account the likely impact on voters there of the tragic circumstances that have caused the need for a by-election. …


“The review identified that the following registered party descriptions are in the opinion of the Commission offensive.


 Vote for real people, not politicians!


 Western civilisation, British culture, free speech


 Halt immigration, tackle extremism, defend freedom


 Replace corrupt politicians, vote Liberty GB


 Halt immigration and extremism, defend freedom!”


Liberty GB regards this move by the Electoral Commission as an act of state-sponsored censorship that takes us a step closer to a Britain in which unorthodox opinions can be outlawed and opposition parties banned.


We note that:


 all of these descriptions were approved by the Commission, without caveat, earlier this year


 ballot paper descriptions are a prime means of telling voters what a party stands for and can be decisive in elections


 the possibility of a political motive cannot be discounted, given that the Commission is chaired by Jenny Watson, the woman once described by Eric Pickles as a “left-wing quango queen”


 this may be an attempt to suppress issues that are highly emotive in Batley and Spen, namely mass immigration, growing Islamisation and the ongoing gang-rape of English girls by Muslims across West Yorkshire


 in compromising the Electoral Commission’s neutrality Ms Watson has shown herself unfit to chair it, and should resign


Liberty GB’s candidate Jack Buckby [photo attached] had this to say about the ban:


“The idea that the British electoral commission could consider Western civilisation, democracy and freedom to be ‘offensive’ is extremely telling. First I was attacked just for standing in this election, and now I’m being punished. Liberty GB will not back down in its pursuit of justice for victims of grooming gangs, and we will continue to speak out against the dangers of mass third world immigration.


Trump’s rise in the United States shows the stark contrast between the state of free speech in the United States and the United Kingdom. I hope that my American cousins learn from the horrendous mistakes of Britain and Europe, and vote to against the fascism of the regressive left and political establishment.”


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