Corey Taylor Snaps Neck Putting Head Up Own Ass

Musicians Should Stop Talking Politics, Especially Corey Taylor I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Heavy Metal has always been political, specifically libertarian. However, if you’re younger,...

Musicians Should Stop Talking Politics, Especially Corey Taylor

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Heavy Metal has always been political, specifically libertarian. However, if you’re younger, new to the scene, or follow Metal bands on social media you would surely think otherwise. A top trending topic on Facebook this week is Corey Taylor, lead singer of Slipknot and King Cuck of the SJW movement currently infecting Heavy Metal. Taylor bashed Donald Trump for being ‘Anti-Slipknot’ (whatever that means), posted a video defending ‘Black Lives Matter’, and had a short beef with Sam Biddle. Amazingly, he was able to accomplish all of this while recovering from a neck & spinal injury, the cause of which is unknown, although I have my speculations…
There aren’t many things that piss me off more than when entertainers feel the need to step out of their area of expertise and into the political arena. According to Alice Cooper, this is “the worst idea ever”, and I agree. We should all agree. Politicians don’t get preachy on the topic of selling records, so rock stars should just sit this one out.

Inclusivity In Metal Is A Fairly Recent (And Antithetical) Phenomenon

In the early days of the scene, Metalheads would vigilantly fight to keep “posers” and “sellouts” from tainting the purity of what Metal represented. Corey Taylor could fall in both camps. Much the same way that the “Regressive” Leftists refer to themselves as “Progressive”, “Posers” refer to themselves as “True Metalheads”. I’m not sure if these people are willingly ignorant or just plain stupid, but it’s blatantly obvious to the rest of us who grew up listening to Punk, Rock, and Metal while telling the mainstream and authority to “fuck off!”.


Despite what the dominant narrative would lead you to believe, the driving force behind Heavy Metal wasn’t inclusivity and acceptance between misfits, but rather a self-ostracizing ideology of alienation as Developmental Psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Arnett Ph.D described in his book ADOLESCENTS AND HEAVY METAL MUSIC From the Mouths of Metalheads.

“The social movements of the 1960s extended the boundaries of society’s tolerance for personal expression and unusual forms of behavior so far that heavy metal bands (and vicariously their followers) have had to be all the more extreme in their music and lyrics for anyone to notice that they had crossed the implicit boundaries of good taste. Songs about suicide, murder, radical despair, and the destruction of the world are the result.” – JJ. Arnett, Adolescents and Heavy Metal Music.

The SJW Plague is Nothing New to the Metal Scene/A Rose by Any Other Name

We’ve seen the writing on the wall for some time now, but Metalheads have been fighting PC culture from the beginning. To most, SJWs in Metal was just another outbreak on the herpes-infested cock of society. Annoying for a while but nothing that some drugs and not-giving-a-fuck (get it?) couldn’t fix. Is 2016 any different?

One could say that Metal has always had themes involvingSocial” (issues), “Justice”, and “Warriors”, but Jesus fucking Christ almighty (praise be upon him) did those nonconformist, unapologetic attitudes transform into some sort of Bizarro-World Frankenstein’s monster of conformity and capitulation. Unlike the order of the day, Metal was a way to channel anger and frustration into a positive, albeit abrasive outlet. Heavy Metal offered a culture of independence from ‘the system’. To sell out to The Man was the ultimate sin. Unfortunately, this message has been lost on ‘Mainstream’ Heavy Meal culture.

I finally came to this realization when I was forced to sit through Delain’s cringe inducing opening set at a recent Sonata Arctica show.

Yes, pop/rock diarrhea is now considered ‘Metal’
The constant SJW whining by Corey Taylor and others like him is a constant reminder of this sad truth.

Just Because You’re Famous Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t an Idiot

Say what you will about Slipknot but there’s no denying that they’re one of the most popular metal bands of the last 15 years. They’re one of those bands that are either zealously worshipped or passionately hated. I’ll just say it: They’re the Nickelback of Metal, at least recently. However, I don’t care how rich, successful, or popular you are, you can still be a complete and utter buffoon.


i·ro·ny1 ˈīrənē/    A literary technique, originally used in Greek tragedy, by which  the full significance of a character’s words or actions are clear to the audience or reader although unknown to the character.


 Case in point: Taylor’s incessant political ramblings. This is a man whose ego is so big that he feels the need to give his two cents about every issue under the sun. I’m not being facetious, “But what does Corey Taylor think” is a huge Metal meme.




 I get it Corey. You’re a cool, hip, progressive rock star. You have fans of all political views, Metal is about acceptance, blah, blah, blah. Of course you’re not pushing this inclusive PC bullshit because of the effect of illegal downloading had on music sales, creating a dying market which makes you terrified to say anything that could possibly garner negative media attention and thus ostensibly ostracize potential customers fans and the risk of having your career and relevance circle down the drain faster than it already is. That would be silly. Obviously you’re a political expert and your opinions are nuanced and grounded in fact.

I wonder what the late, great, Alex Jones Bill Hicks would have to say?

So what does he think about Trump?


I told you

I’ll let the quote speak for itself. Draw your own conclusions.

“Trump’s message is so anti-Slipknot it’s not even funny, because we have always tried to get people to stand together, and everything he does is so divisive. Trying to get people to equate Muslims with terrorists is just trying to control and manipulate one more group of people. His stances on Muslims and Latinos and his absolute silence on Black Lives Matter prove that he is unprepared to bring people together. He is prepared to tear them apart so he can control them.”

Well there ya have it folks. Corey Taylors deep, profound, and not-at-all-mainstream-narrative. Now that we know what Corey thinks of Trump, I wonder what Trump thinks of Corey? I can only imagine…




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