Bono – You’re Wrong, and Trump Won

Bono, what happened man? You used to be cool. You used to stand for something, telling us we should help the less fortunate by giving our own money and...

Bono, what happened man? You used to be cool.

You used to stand for something, telling us we should help the less fortunate by giving our own money and time and resources, not our government’s.

I was also anti-war in Iraq and you even wrote songs about the Salvadoran Civil War and the massacre of peaceful protesters on Bloody Sunday.

We all get it, war is bad.

But coming out and shaming the west for wanting to close our borders and integrate people isn’t cool, man. We need to do this. We aren’t saying we should stop all immigration 0 just the illegal immigration!

We’re a nation of citizens, not immigrants.

We were founded on the idea and principles that we should assimilate together, and take the best of what worked and leave the crap behind.

We all like tacos, but that doesn’t mean we need to speak Spanish to order one. We closed our borders before in 1917 to let those immigrants become naturalized citizens.

So why did you come out and say that a wall on our southern border would stop the Irish from coming to America? That’s a longer plane trip for an Irish person to take from Ireland to Mexico to come in through our borders legally…. I mean don’t you guys fly to New York City anyway? It’s way closer, and there’s only a body of water between Ireland and New York.

Nobody really wants to build a wall, but when you have some of the people that come over the border committing murder, and stealing, and raping – and then they send money back to their shit holes, in what I can only consider reverse tourism – don’t you think it’s time to consider even the possibility of a wall?

Oh,  and remember when you blasted the President-Elect Donald Trump for being rich? Yeah, that made me chuckle. Didn’t you make $1.4 billion from a Facebook deal? And let’s not forget your charity, which keeps 99% of what it raises.


And Bono, what about the refugees that you are advocating for? The ‘innocent children’ that rape women? I know you have a daughter. Is this really the world you want her to live in?

You used to view yourself as punk-rock. I used to believe that. I really did, but you know what? Now you’re just a punk and you’ve become part of the establishment. In your book ‘U2 by U2’, you said that you wanted to go against what people wanted and that you wanted to stand out. That’s why the cover for October looked so terrible. You wanted to make a statement that the people in charge, weren’t in charge of you. Now that you’ve reached the top, I’m saying as a fan, you’re not in charge, and the most punk rock thing I can do is go against what the establishment – in which you now reside – wants.

Trump is president. Suck it.

  • Jeanne DeSilver

    Did people pay money to watch this overweight aging man prance around on a stage insulting Donald Trump, whom I greatly admire. Mockingly taking phrases out of context doesn’t require a lot of talent. Bono, you rich dude, what did you do to earn your fortune? Sing? What a gig! You rich bastard.

    • Andrew P. Anderson

      It’s because he’s now part of the establishment.

  • Bono is crap.

    • Andrew P. Anderson

      Da doy.


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