The Big Swerve – A Warning to President Donald Trump

Do we have your attention now? Donald Trump is President! Donald Trump is President! Good god, the Donald has done it! The dust still hasn’t settled but the votes...

Do we have your attention now?

Donald Trump is President! Donald Trump is President! Good god, the Donald has done it! The dust still hasn’t settled but the votes are in, and in this truly historic election an entrepreneur, populist citizen who has never held a public office has been elected by the people as the next president of the United States of America.

His opponents’ shoulders were on the mat, he went for the cover, the ref counted 3. He holds the title above his head and the deafening roar of the crowd drowns out his dissenters. His run-in buddies, the Proud Boys, go to the center of the ring to join the celebration. Trump is hoisted on our shoulders as we cheer and clap from all around our champion…

…What if the clapping stopped? What if as he sat perched on our shoulders and all our smiling faces locked with his eyes, our smiles slowly turned down. The Donald would look around, just long enough to sense what was happening and Gavin, Milo, Dante, and Jack go from giving a thumbs-up, to pointing their thumbs down. Before he grasps the situation the Donald is slammed to the canvas.

His allies, his best friends and biggest supporters, the Proud Boys themselves drop him to the ground and pick him apart till he’s a bloody mess. Then we take the title he never even wore and drape it over his motionless body raise our hands together. Our music hits, and we walk out talking trash and holding the American flag.


Tell me that wouldn’t be a beautiful serve!

Tell that wouldn’t shock the world. Tell me you don’t want to do that… just a little bit.

Of course you do, you’re a Proud Boy and politics is theater, and pro wrestling is theater in its purest form. We understand why we want Trump. He’s not our God. He’s not our master. He was the greatest protest vote this country has ever had. He was a vote against political correctness. He was a vote against tolerating people who resent America as a culture unto itself. He was a vote against politics as usual. He’s an untested weapon who happens to get under the skin of everyone dragging this country down.

We are not, and will never be beholden to this man or any other.

He’s a human being with his own flaws we used as a tool to show the country we aren’t putting up with the phoniness, the lies, and the fascism of the left. No doubt we like his style, but is style enough?

Our problem isn’t with one president or another, our problem is with authority. If you’re like me, you want more freedom, not less. You don’t want the state telling you how to run your life or home. You don’t want to be told America “has no culture”. Trump is here to fuck with people, but what if he doesn’t? If he gets intoxicated with power and becomes what the left has propagandized he is… a mad man? Loose talk is not legislation, but we have to prepare ourselves for the possibility that this may want to use legislation to act on his whims.

Trump may go after freedom of speech. He may be totally ineffective when it comes to protecting our borders. He may get wrapped up in the silliness of the drug war or overturning abortion rights. Trump may even get too involved in matters overseas and what then?

Well Proud Boys, let’s remember he will be celebrating on our shoulders, and we can drop him anytime we want. This election was not about Trump vs. Hillary or Democrat vs. Republican; this election is to remind the people in power that they work for us, not the other way around. If you fuck around with our freedoms, and dick with our constitution, and turn a blind eye to people who hate us we will put you on the ground before you realize what happen. We’d rather elect a pure capitalist businessman with zero filter or political experience who might use his post to cut through the bullshit, than keep things “business as usual”. But Donald Trump should well remember who’s in the ring holding the steel chair.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”

-Thomas Jefferson


PawL Bazile was born in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1984. He grew up in a middle-class suburban Italian American family and studied Theater Arts, Literature, and Filmmaking in New York City. He self educates in Science and History regularly.

He made his 1st short film when he was 14 and received an honorable mention from Kean University. Since then he has written, produced and directed dozens of short films and completed an award winning feature length documentary LIVING THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (2011) with punk rock and metal legends including members of the Misfits, Bill Ward of Black Sabbath and Peter Steele of Type O Negative. Currently he is making the motorcycle documentary SAVAGE which will discuss the life of his murdered uncle.

Pawl Bazile has performed comedy, poetry, and spoken word. He has also acted in films and appeared in plays off Broadway. PawL regularly contributes to SugarBuzz Magazine and is a regular contributor for Proud Boys Magazine.

Pawl Bazile currently runs a media company called New Measure Productions and lives in a dangerous neighborhood.


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