SHARK ATTACK! Armed Man Arrested At Trump Tower

BRUSH-UP AT TRUMP TOWER! The secret Service clearly doesn’t play games when it comes to the safety of a future president. Just after 10pm on Tuesday night  Anthony Shark, a...


Domicile of the God-Emperor

Domicile of the God-Emperor

The secret Service clearly doesn’t play games when it comes to the safety of a future president. Just after 10pm on Tuesday night  Anthony Shark, a 54 year old retired police-officer was taken into to custody by Secret Service for bringing a gun through a security area near Trump Tower in New York.


According to the Daily News, shark is reported to have been intoxicated.

He was reportedly approached by Secret Service while walking through a sealed off sidewalk near the residents of the presidential candidate.  Apparently, Mr. Shark refused to listen to officials asking him to find another route.  According to reports he grabbed at agents and clenched his fists, refusing to comply.  It was discovered he was armed.

According to Shark’s defense lawyer, Annalisa Miron, the armed man who ignored authorities is:

…not a danger to the community in any respect…

He was released Wednesday night without bail.

Intoxicated Shark

Intoxicated Shark

As a retired member of law enforcement, one would think Mr. Shark would be familiar with protocol.


The armed man is currently employed as a security guard near Trump Tower.  He was allegedly on his way home.  His firearm was determined to be legal under permit.


Miron also went on to say that Mr. Shark’s arrest was:

…an example of Donald Trump ruining another regular person’s life…

It is unclear how Mr. Shark’s life was “ruined”.  Although, despite being drunk, possessing a firearm and resisting arrest near a presidential candidate’s home;  He was released completely unharmed and without any bail requirements.  Mr. Shark is now facing charges for “Assaulting and resisting a Secret Service agent” which could lead to up to 8 years in prison.

No other “regular people” have come forward to declare their life “ruined” by the business mogul and presidential hopeful, but plenty of “special snowflakes” have made the claim.

The mainstream is yet to declare their relief that candidate Trump and his family were unharmed.  Or, for that matter, expressed any shock that an armed man would pick a fight with Secret Service that close to Trump’s home.


I would also expect them to applaud the good police work and non-violent apprehension of an armed African American man resisting arrest.  All while near the property of everyone’s “favorite” presidential candidate.  Though I won’t hold my breath.

The Trump campaign has referred inquiries to the Secret Service.


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