Apologia; Thoughts on the Catholicism of Late

I’m coming back around on religion. No, shut the fuck up; I get that you’re a proud atheist and you followed the rabbit hole and shit. Just hear me...
"Fuck it. Grab your swords."

I’m coming back around on religion.

No, shut the fuck up; I get that you’re a proud atheist and you followed the rabbit hole and shit. Just hear me out, maybe we’ll go deeper.

I decided to put this down in words after seeing the pick for Cuck of the Week was Pope Francis. His comments this week are troubling to me, but perhaps not for the same reason as the rapidly polarizing hordes of the internet who stake their claim of morality on the subject. The Pope made comments about “Islamic violence” being comparable to “catholic violence”, a hard 9.2 on the vatican-patented guilt-o-meter. I nodded slightly at this; of course things all-around used to be more violent, they were violent times.

The Dark Ages were basically a free-for-all in Europe as the failed Roman Empire crumbled. Rape and pillage were considered “cultural” norms in most corners of the globe at this point in history, in fact it was Islam that managed to solidify enough isolated stability to fund the continued quest for human knowledge. Let that sink in for a moment. Consider that at this point in history, no one in the western world even came close to privileged except for those desperate enough to turn to barbarism to seize wealth wherever they could.

Europe was once tribal, don’t kid yourself, civilization went there and was promptly bled to death. So yeah, the catholic church had to play it like everyone else at some point. Did it suck? Yeah, it really did, shit happens that sucks. If it was your family about to get hacked up and eaten by vikings I wouldn’t think there would be much conversation needed.

Contrast this to modern Islamic violence, the comparison stands on shaky ground if you happen to be standing in the west.

Catholicism has cleaned up it’s act so well that they’ve even had to start dealing with the pedophiles they’ve harbored for years; or at least distract from all of that with this inane bullshit from his holiness. When was the last time roman catholic terrorism was a big deal? Ireland? Even that one is bullshit and we all know it. Abortion clinic bombings are rarely the result of radical bishops preaching hate from their pulpit.

I won’t even get into the grotesqueries of what regimes like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, and ISIS have inflicted on their own people by following the strict letter of religious law. Browse the internet for about five seconds, there will be something even more new and shocking. It’s made me think that we’re all caught up while the west plays chicken in the stupidest possible way.

I think Pope Francis should comment on “Islamic violence”, but I think what he should say this time around might look better like this:

In The Year 900, Life Expectancy Was Around 30.

I Will Probably Hit 105.

Now Look At These Idiots Over Here Going Backwards.

Catholicism Works.

Shit, that would be pretty dope.  I hate to see a business opportunity go to waste when someone misses this hard. Should have got some Reddit points and scored a couple more baptisms with something sly. Instead we’re treated to the Pope doubling down on this inward facing guilt, joyous.

Religion isn’t perfect.

However, Catholicism is one I don’t mind going to bat for now and then, I don’t see people as more right or wrong. It’s a waste of time, show me results and we can talk about better or worse for people; greater good and fairness don’t really mean much to me when the scales are that big. I’m saying work with what you have to start, and go from there, reinventing mouse-traps is hard work and doesn’t often pay-off. Our ancestors figured that out often, learn from them a little bit.

For Christ’s sake, at least be a little proud.



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