Adult Swim’s excuse for not hiring women is a perfect example of why it’s so good!

Women are NOT funny. Get used to it.

Earlier this week, the media fempire soaked their respective maxi-pads with a torrent of menstrual rage about some dude’s comments concerning the hiring practices at his own TV network. That network is Adult Swim, and according to “an anonymous source”, Adult Swim’s EVP/Creative Director Mike Lazzo said:

when you have women in the writers room, you don’t get comedy, you get conflict.

This very important piece of investigative journalism came to surface after Splitsider and Buzzfeed had been haranguing Adult Swim for having very few women writers and creators on their latest slate of programming.

Normal people usually respond to a list of upcoming late night programming the same way they respond to a change in McDonald’s breakfast menu. Which is to say; not at all.

Most people are not investigating McDonalds to make sure that there is a sufficient number of women and minorities assembling their Egg McHeartattacks and pouring their watered-down sodas. 99% of McDonald’s busy and zoned out customers really don’t care what’s on the menu, as long as it’s consistent and familiar, nor do they care where it comes from.

However, there is that one percent. The overweight, unpleasant, gunt-sporting welfare queen who will absolutely find an issue with the menu because, well, of course, she will.  She decided she was going to give some poor wage slave their own personal hell before she even rolled her butterball ass out of bed that day.

It is, after all, her right.

Not only will this beast make a very public fuss about the minutiae of a successful business model, but there will almost definitely be an overreaction. All those stressed teenagers and customers in a hurry will hear her plight. Her voice must be heard, for she is dissatisfied.

Lazzo responds:

“What I actually said was- women don’t tend to like conflict, comedy often comes from conflict, so that’s probably why we (or others) have so few female projects. Nonetheless, this was a dumb answer to a good question as Lucille Ball and Gilda Rather to Amy Poelher and Amy Schumer prove my statement a load of generalized nonsense.

I have always been very accessible to every person at work because I personally benefited from working at a company that allowed anyone, from any position, to pitch an idea- as long as the person was prepared to back up their ambition by doing any work required to justify the time or expense. If unnamed sources want to complain, complain about me after I’ve read the script you asked me to read or tossed you out of my office for pitching something I didn’t like. If you did come to me I bet I offered some decent suggestions on how to accomplish whatever you wanted to do.”

This, of course, did nothing to quell the cries of assblasted feminists struggling with the thought of a company with the gall to employ… mostly white men.

Of course, any company which consists of mostly white men is definitely engaging in some sort of discriminatory hiring practice.

It is totally impossible that certain demographics of people would be drawn to a certain career or that they would do better than others.

It’s completely inconceivable that, maybe, women are simply not breaking down Adult Swim’s door with pitches and spec scripts.

Lastly, I’m shocked that it doesn’t occur to these harpies that women might have ideas and concepts that don’t necessarily vibe with Adult Swim’s overwhelmingly white and male demographic.

The perpetually triggered Julia Alexander from Polygon writes:

It’s not a new trend for white men to outnumber women and people of color in a writers room, but Lazzo’s approach to rectifying the issue is to simply ignore it and carry on like there’s nothing wrong in the industry.”

What’s wrong with ignoring it?

Why should he even have to humour your fascist whinging?  Lazzo, or any person in his position, has no obligation to hire more women and magically accept their pitches, especially when their scripts are trash.

If the shows are good, the ratings are good and the fans are enjoying it, then what exactly is the problem? It doesn’t appear as though Mike Lazzo has a problem with women – you have a problem with men!

I can’t believe this still has to be repeated since it’s become cliche at this point, but hiring women just because they have a vagina and some dried up ovaries is, in fact, sexism. It’s also bad for business.

This is fucking abysmal I’m blacking out with rage”

Thank you for proving Mike’s point, woman.

This is exactly why you should not be in the writers room. You can’t take a joke, you can’t take criticism and you apparently ‘black out’ because of somebody’s opinion on the internet.

The response to this fake-outrage has nothing but conflict, vitriol and calls for people to lose their livelihood. That sort of temperament is not something employers and artists want to risk having on their teams because it just takes one bad mood or one perceived slight for the woman to pull the ripcord on the entire project.

This isn’t paranoia either. This is something that happens in every writer’s room and on every job site all over the Western world.

Look, I’m not saying women shouldn’t be allowed in the writers room, I’m simply suggesting they should consider other opportunities.


Our own Stephen McCarthy, who’s sketch comedy group was dissolved over this same sort of estrogen-powered hysteria, had this to say:

“The vast majority of women in comedy don’t really care about producing a good product for an end user. Their main goal is to show off, take facebook pictures of them bombing on stage and to just be generally condescending. Women don’t understand comedy as a service position or performance as an act of submission. They want to do comedy but they don’t want to be laughed at.”

The female psyche and feminine essence is contradictory to the way the industry works. Comedy is antagonistic and dark. It comes from tragedy and pain. It’s mean and often dirty. None of these qualities mesh well with today’s modern feminist. There is also the fact that women aren’t required to be funny.

“I watched [head writers] train pussies to not question [women], and then turn against me when I did. Meanwhile, people wonder why the show bombs.  I had so many ideas dismissed as “offensive”. They’d always go with the safe idea which would invariably bomb- then say “good show” to each other afterward. And I’m an asshole for noticing this pattern over and over again.”

When women are introduced to the writers room, it becomes less about the craft and the comedy and more about raising their social status and sexual market value.  Men suddenly want to look good for the supply of estrogen across the table and the women just want to be “nice” and “safe”.  

Very quickly, the comedy machine stops producing comedy and is more about a display of virtue and morality. For women, TV shows and movies aren’t about the craft, or the comedy or the achievement. It’s all about representation. It’s about ‘me’.

“at some point, you realize you’re living in a microcosm of what is wrong with the Western world in general. Yes, there are funny women and they know who they are. But funny women also hate female comedians.”

Polygon mentions that “according to a study from the Center for the Study of Women in Film and Television, women only made up 26 percent of all showrunning, producing, writing and editing jobs between 2015 and 2016”. Suddenly, women give a shit about statistics now.

We see this systematic witch hunt in every industry in America.  

Every week there’s a new target for “diversity” where a company or organization is put under pressure by the castration-mobs. Sometimes they stand-up for themselves, but usually they don’t and along with the number of employed white men, falls the quality of the product.

But why? Why do women need to consist of 50% or higher of all writers in the room? Why do feminists even care so much about Adult Swim when women neither watch nor care about what is broadcasted by it.  

Adult Swim has always been the home for male-centric, weird, sometimes offensive, stoner comedy.  This has never been a problem.  They found their demographic and the fans responded accordingly.  Women aren’t excluded from watching Adult Swim, nor are they excluded from working there (because that would be illegal).

Adult Swim has a great slate of programs that are doing well with their target audience. Their ratings are increasing and they have new interesting shows coming out with enthusiastic fanbases.

Business is good, so what’s the problem? Why does it matter that men are making successful shows for men? I have yet to see an argument where that is a problem, especially when there are plenty of other networks and writers rooms that have embraced gender quotas where woman are free to burden the talented.

Most television is gynocentric. It’s broad, which means it’s designed to appeal to both men and women. Unfortunately, broad comedy is just that – for broads. If comedy was objective and women were equal in producing it, then we wouldn’t need to broaden the medium. It wouldn’t need to pull punches.

Since men are mostly busy working, daytime television is dominated by talk shows (women), soap operas (female porn), and Vagisil commercials. Primetime television is also becoming rapidly feminist. Pretty much every new show coming out stars a tropey ‘strong female lead’ or a minority -both who are essentially stand-ins for a white male archetype, mind you.

Despite all this “diversity” the shows still suck and quality decreases with every affirmative actioned character.

The uncomfortable truth is, television is white and male because white men invented television. It was created in their image and it was most successful during their reign. Systematically removing white men from television will only leave an ugly shell of an industry, imitating the ghosts of white men while pandering to those who hate them. 

Comedy is for men. Women aren’t funny. Adult Swim is for white males.

Get used to it.



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