5 Reasons Why This Girl Loves Proud Boys

Outside the world of Proud Boys, there is a congested amount of beta males we women feel limited to. We unfortunately screw and date these “men” but as time...

Outside the world of Proud Boys, there is a congested amount of beta males we women feel limited to. We unfortunately screw and date these “men” but as time passes and we keep looking at the same sad pitiful face, we get bored. We’re pissed about the lack of physical attention, grossed out by him having to show more emotions than we do, annoyed with them trying to tip-toe around us to try and not hurt our feelings. We want to be grabbed, we can’t stand pussies bigger than us and when things get ugly, we want honesty (with a hug). Beta is pussy and to women, pussy is either boring or gross as hell.

But thank heavens; the Proud Boys are still growing strong. And to some of the Proud Boys’ surprise, the movement is being noticed by the chicks that have now become known as the Proud Boys’ Girls. The masculinity fuming from these Proud Boys is making us girls tremble at the knees! Most women, consciously or subconsciously, desire an alpha in their lives and the Proud Boys movement is now a hunting ground for these women.

I’m close to a few of these wild boys and I’m noticing a trending quality throughout. Proud Boys are alphas that are funny shit and are actually rather intelligent! Why wouldn’t a girl love and support a group of guys committed to #nowanks that also venerate the housewife? While we are shifting through and using beta males we are desperately looking for the right MAN.

Here are my top 5 reasons why the Proud Boys are every girl’s dream.

1) No Wanks

Oh, we all know what this really means. Sure the single guys are out laying bricks but for us girls looking to be committed, this is good news. When we get our hands on you and the deal is sealed months/years down the road our man is into us like he was when he first laid eyes on us.

You don’t have to worry about whether or not he’s jerking it to other girls, and if that will lead to him actually fucking another woman. His sexual interest is you for the most part. Don’t get me wrong I know you Proud Boys are laying bricks with your scope always on but what Gavin McInnes and Dante Nero allude to is, when a Proud Boy is laying with a woman, he is in the moment and loving this person. And that’s all a girl really asks.

And in all honesty, it’s a major turn off when a guy is jerking to a flatscreen that plugs into the wall that can’t actually get wet or receive his dick. Like that girl(s) would actually fuck him – well some of them would but she’d also let the whole town in too. And when you start fucking robots we will destroy your sex bot or fucking jump ship when that becomes the new porn norm. Be a man, fuck a woman.

2) Proud of the West

“Western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.” Free market, free speech, and having control of your life is what comes to mind when I hear this. Not this feminist crap where everyone gets the same amount of cookies.

We live in such an advanced and fast paced world that was really created by free men; men with a drive to create and to make the best society man has yet lived in. This was accomplished, not with women, but with men that had the drive to achieve success and to gain the satisfaction of the women they were out to impress.

3) Cis-White Privileged Males

The majority of Proud Boys are white straight guys – or to use the “correct”, retarded and needless descriptive pronouns: cis-white privileged males.

What this really means is: men with jobs.

Sure, we’ll fuck a guy that is “in-between” jobs, and sometimes even help guys try to reach their dreams, but if you aren’t improving we will crush you like a bracelet from Claire’s. Desirable men who can maintain their employment and seek to better their lives and their family’s are the relationships we’ll stay in. Again, what girl wouldn’t let a Proud Boy stumble into her panties?!

4) Alphas

Despite what feminists say, we all know women want a man who stands his moral ground, takes leadership and full responsibility, and who cares and loves. Combined with that extra attention from #nowanks, and we have a natural Alpha. Our man in shining armor!

Admittedly, it’s hard not to jump in when a guy is slacking and grab the wheel. And we will do it – but we will be counting every fucking thing you aren’t doing but are capable of.

Proud Boys are leading their woman.

Nothing is gayer than a women leading a dance or leading a relationship. And sometimes we can’t help but grab the wheel even when we are with an alpha and that shit shouldn’t fly – especially when we are wrong or creating unnecessary drama. Nothing in the world is more humbling when our man gives us the facts about our bullshit – women need to be “checked”. A beta will never tell a woman that she’s wrong or full of shit.

5) Damn Good Fathers

Bad fathers usually aren’t being good husbands, either cheating, or hiding parts of their lives and would be humiliating to be married to. They drop their families for their own pleasures or just strop trying like an undetermined beta.

That’s why when you add up all the desirable traits these Proud Boys have in common, after they’ve finished laying bricks and are ready to make a life with a woman; they end up being the best dads the West has seen. Boys get to see their father treat their mother in a manner that isn’t seen on T.V. or really anywhere, what with divorce rates being so high and schools emasculating males.

Little girls learn to respect and submit to their fathers which in turn plays out how they will love their husbands. Nothing is sexier when a woman can be a woman, shaping the lives of kids while the man is being a provider, a role model, and a rock for the family’s foundation.

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I live in Minneapolis as Proud Boys’ Girl and stay-at-home mom to two young girls. I have blogged on a small scale but my focus is on being the best Mom I can be. As the youngest to 10 kids I’m the black sheep conservative, and unlike Margret Sanger who was also the youngest of a large family I actually find value in family life and see importance of its impact on the community and country. I believe the west is the best and that by supporting Proud Boys I am also liberating women who feel pressure by the backwards norms of feminism.
“Embracing femininity is embracing a man being a man.”


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