Matt Drudge: Check Out the Original Meme God

He who controls the memes, controls the universe

Before anybody knew what a meme was, Matt Drudge has been an expert. Drudge has been meme-ing for decades.

What is a meme other than a picture with some writing on it?

If that’s all that constitutes a meme, the lead story of offers some of the dankest memes in the game.


The lead story of Drudge is essentially “Your Daily Dank Meme.” Some of Matt’s memes are laugh-out-loud funny, but they’re also informative and and poignant. That’s meme magic defined. Tell me Matt Drudge isn’t the original meme god. I won’t believe you.


Alan Ericson is the Author of Barter 7: The Conspiracy to Assassinate Lil Wayne, creator of and writer for Proud Boy Magazine.

Alan is dedicated to health, nutrition, and renaissance.


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