The War on Women is in the Classroom

How liberal education is waging a war on behalf of men, a war that we never asked for.

For about five weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday, I have been on the front lines.

I am not in any foreign desert, not along our Southern border, nor am I in any real danger other than the urge to kill myself in order to escape the bizarro world that is the liberal education system.

I’m in a classroom fulfilling one of my final graduation requirements at a Pittsburgh-based university. The course, entitled “Marriage and Children”, has basically been a giant game of “pin the blame on something with a cock”game thus far, with too many winners to count. Trust me, there is most certainly a war on women, but there is no shadowy male patriarchal overlord pulling the punches.

It’s actually a war being spearheaded by women.

In every seminar, I have listened to overly exaggerated, purely fabricated and hilariously biased information paraded around as facts. I’ve sat quietly, most of the time, in the back of the room and listened to my female professor deliver the fiercest anti-male sermons week after week. Most recently we were discussing cohabitation and its perks and pitfalls. I am aware that statistically cohabitation doesn’t lead to a successful marriage, but most marriages fail anyway, so who the fuck cares?

My professor, a 50-something-year-old with a huge gray afro,  was about to blow my fucking mind. I happened to be the only male and cohabiting attendee this particular day, and everything was hunky-dory until a series of slides appeared with bolded text that read “Cohabitation and Exploitation.” Just the title alone had me on edge because I knew where this cunt was headed.

“Males are less committed to relationships.”

Here we go with the bullshit, right out of the gate. About two-thirds of the broads in the room looked back at me like I had somehow wronged them all personally. Which is totally unfair, because a solid majority of them look like swamp donkeys who I wouldn’t touch even with my worst enemy’s dick. I was feeling slightly irritated at this point, but I was already expecting this kind of nonsense.

She had a perfect chance to shit on men across the board and blew it by throwing in this point. You mean women who live with their boyfriends or fiancés are more likely to want to take the next step in their relationship? No shit. At this point, all I could think, in my Jay-Z voice, was, “I’m from the hood stupid, what type of facts are those?”

“Men list sex as a major reason for cohabitation.”

I don’t know anyone in a relationship, of either sex, that doesn’t like some good humping. Also, I can attest to being the mastermind behind a lot of questionable locations for sexual encounters due to both parties living with parents still. So yeah, being able to fuck in our place other than her Kia Rio is a perk. To say it’s not an almost equal reason for both sexes is a major fallacy. At this point, my eyes wandered ahead to find that all the points being presented were negatives with men as the ones at fault. I could feel myself becoming overwhelmed with joy as I began to realize this would make a great topic for discussion.

“Men are more likely to use women economically.”

Last week, this bitch had told us that the gender wage-gap is crushing women, and two weeks before that she said women are struggling to leave conventional stay-at-home roles. So if women are making less or staying home, how the fuck are men taking advantage of their finances? At this point, it had become clear that we are not using any type of real logic or intelligent thought. “Logic and reason” was politely asked to exit the classroom and to not return.

“Men’s attitudes are still conventional about who should do household tasks.”

Debatable at best. I see in cities all over the United States that these social justice cucks are turning out male feminists and gender-neutral whatever-the-fucks like a Chinese sweatshop. Any man who sees something around the house all fucked up is going to fix it unless they enjoy living in squalor. If I ask “honey, what’s for dinner” though, after busting my ass all day, I’m some kind misogynist twat? Awesome.

“Live-in males are less considerate of sexual feelings than are husbands.”

At this point, I thought my skull had split open, and I felt like sweet death was only moments away. There are so many issues with this fucking retarded statement I had completely removed myself from giving a fuck, in the name of self-preservation. I know 2016 is a real motherfucker and liberals want you to believe that you can be anything you want, not in the old-timey inspirational sense, but that you can identify as a bag of Wheat Thins sense. Seriously, though, how many husbands aren’t male? I’m nitpicking at this point, but for 15-grand a fucking semester I deserve better than this.

She went on to explain that she meant guys want sex when they want it and don’t care about when their girls want to fuck, or if they get off. But wait: you just said sex was a big reason us men cohabitate. I can probably count on one hand all the times in 25 years that a girl wanted to fuck me and I was like, “ehhhh I don’t know if I really feel like it.” Plus, if that’s really the case and we are so selfish about sex and don’t want to please our ladies, wouldn’t that lead to women being less committed in relationships? I know if I wasn’t getting my nut and being told every time I wanted to have sex that it wasn’t going to happen, I’m either leaving or cheating. What kind of guy doesn’t like getting his lady off? I know anytime I haven’t gotten a chick off, it’s been a shameful experience and something I don’t want to repeat.

She followed all these points with, “I just have to present both sides of the issue,” which given her fucking hilariously biased delivery of nonsense information, was insulting to all of our intelligence. Unfortunately, I don’t think college-aged women realize what’s happening. Women are being taught from such a young age that men are dangerous, not to be trusted, constantly have ulterior motives, and that we are only interested in sex. They are taught that they will make less for equal work, be treated as servants and that resisting man is their only chance of success.

The war on women is being waged in the classroom, and it’s being championed by old, unwanted women with dried-up cunts and nothing else better to do.

By the end of her presentation, the few women in the class who said they would consider cohabitation retracted their statements. This insufferable bitch had scared these poor girls out of ever wanting to trust a man. This was the first time that I consciously witnessed this happening with my own eyes.

It’s narcissism at it’s finest: “I have a crazy, unfounded hate for men, but by talking about men and how terrible they are, I can make these women share the beliefs I have fabricated.”

This is why we have problems in this country with sexism. The specter of sexism is being presented by women more so than it’s being practiced by men. Ever been to a party with all dudes? It’s fucking lame and no one has a good time. In the same regard, being surrounded by women who were all taught that an accidental brush up against them is rape is no good either. Women’s studies in liberal education are doing more to separate the sexes than any action by a male has ever done. Universities are supposed to be centers of great and free thought, but for the time being, they are far from that.



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