10 Things Ambitious Guys Think About

Alpha males aren’t necessarily the douchebag ingrates the media would like us to believe. In fact, most aren’t pointless domineering or sadistic at all. They just happen to be...

Alpha males aren’t necessarily the douchebag ingrates the media would like us to believe. In fact, most aren’t pointless domineering or sadistic at all. They just happen to be really ambitious. Amidst this crazy and backwards 2016, ambition has lost a lot of its luster and we are here to bring it back.


I consider myself an ambitious person. No, I have yet to launch a Fortune 500 company nor am I within my desired tax bracket. But ambition begins with a state of mind. All of the successful people I know are in a constant state of discontent, forcing them to strive for improvement. Yes, even entrepreneurs (whom I venerate of course), complain about never having enough money and point to others who they believe are more successful than themselves. This all falls under the lovely bubble of ambition.


Here is an amalgam of the 10 tidbits of knowledge oozing through the brains of ambitious men. Some of these might seem trivial, but it’s the little things we think about that effect our life trajectory.


What Players Do I Need to Win My Fantasy Football League?


Fantasy football might sound a bit nerdy, and it is, but the point here is to light a fire under your competitive belly. Plus, office fantasy football parties are a great way to engage with your co-workers, and boss.

I have been in a “legacy” league for nearly 10 years (since high school) and it gives me a reason to see friends from the old days. Sundays in the fall become meaningful again, as you flip between multiple games on TV while religious updating your webpage for the latest stats. It might sound silly and stupid but you know what’s more silly and stupid? Apathy. With an FFL in your life, falls take on an entirely greater meaning.




Jogging 1+ Miles Per Day, Minimum

Exercise releases endorphins in your brain that make you act more confident and self-assured. Every successful entrepreneur I’ve met has a regimented cardio schedule in tandem with trips to the gym.


Now you don’t HAVE to become a fitness psycho, just try and make a habit of moving relatively hard for a least an hour every day. I don’t currently have a gym membership, but I play a lot of tennis. It’s a borderline homosexual sport, but its exercise.




Wild Sexual Experiences Make for a Great Story

Ambitious guys tend to be more interesting as well. And what makes for a better story to tell than by having a 3-some?


Although I lack first-hand experience on this front, my confidants have told me it can get a little dangerous and requires strict compliance by all parties along the way. Tread lightly, let it happen as organically as possible, and let your lady believe it was her idea.


Of course if you’re single then the sky’s the limit. One of my most cherished feats is when my gay roommate and I took home a lady and her gay brother. Separately… of course.




Drinking is Fun, but Waking Up with Cuts and Bruises Isn’t

We’ve all endured regretful nights in our early 20’s. From 18-26 (and maybe a little beyond) it is perfectly acceptable to drink multiple nights per week and make poor decisions. But you reach a point when it stops being fun.


Ambitious guys GET it. They’ve all been there, and they have no regrets. But they are also aware that this lifestyle is a dead end. It’s great to go out casually with friends or for networking purposes, but being the guy who vomits in an alley at 4am is not what drives ambition.




I Want to Learn All Sports So I Can Be Good at All Sports

With the exceptions of curling and gymnastics, ambitious guys like to try their hand in everything.


It seems like every entrepreneur I’ve met plays a bunch of sports, or at least tries. I think it’s a combination of two things: a) they get bored quickly, and b) their innate desire to excel and compete makes them more adventurous.




I Want to Learn All Instruments So I Can Impress All Women

No, you don’t need to become an oboe master. But guitar, bass guitar, drums, or keys are all formidable options.


Whenever I’m on a date and things aren’t going great, I bring up the “I write and record music” line. Be careful with this because a mature woman might think you’re a loser who lives in someone’s basement. But if you make it clear that music is only a hobby, it could be a great aphrodisiac.


Ambitious guys know the power of music when it comes to courting women, and they aim to harness it. A respectable alternative would be if you can learn how to dance, they like that too.




Being The VP of a Company Isn’t Good Enough, I Need to Start My Own

Pretty much every entrepreneur has uttered this statement before going off to make their ideas a reality. They don’t like confinement.


Warren Buffett once worked for prominent economist Benjamin Graham, whom he admired tremendously. But their different temperaments as far as the risk assessment of stocks forced Buffett to fly solo.




Lazy People Are Awesome, They Make Ambitious Guys Look Better

It’s easy to complain about lazy people, especially when they are millennials. But thanks to them, ambitious guys look exponentially more ambitious.


How many times do you hear about ladies dating musicians or comedians and then crying about how they won’t step up to the plate and provide? Well it seems to be happening a lot these days, and in the words of Gavin McInnes “if he’s over 25 and a comedian or in a band, dump him.” Wise words from a wise man.


Another element is wardrobe. Ambitious guys know that dressing the part is paramount to delivering results. Try sauntering into a bar wearing a suit next to a fellow patron wearing shorts and flip-flops. Okay, this one’s obvious. YOU are the one getting attention that night.




Play a Pickup Basketball Game with Black Guys

One of the things I’m most grateful for in life is having played basketball for so many years. It’s physical, gritty, teaches teamwork, and best of all… you have to compete against black guys.


Every stereotype is true. They are more athletic than you, more tenacious, and more apt to trash talk. But they are also the first ones to show you respect when you prove you can hang with them. So next time you’re near a local park, don’t be afraid. As some commie once said, “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself.”




I Want a Woman Who is Pragmatic

Ambitious guys have no problem finding sex, but when it comes to a life partner they tend to get picky. And deservedly so!


Short term sex can be great for single guys (especially if you’re on #nowanks) but it isn’t their ultimate life goal. You can only diversify your portfolio so much for God’s sake! There comes a time when wild oats are finished being sowed. When this happens, you tend to eschew Tinder and reorient your palate toward long term prosperity. In other words, you start to search for L-O-V-E.




Yeah, that sounds pretty gay. But here’s why it’s important…


We need a counterpart who understands how families work. Because the most successful enterprise we’re ever going to run is a family.


Ambition is a way of thinking. When implemented correctly, it kicks ass and takes names. Again, I’m nowhere near where I want to land in life but the people I surround myself with motivate me to do better. And that’s what being a Proud Boy is all about.






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